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This is coworking

Shared spaces – Community Building – Networking – Meeting rooms – Training rooms – Private offices – Virtual Office

Icono de un reloj que transmite el ahorro de tiempo

Delegate the management of the space. We take care of everything: from the internet to cleaning.

Red de contactos que representa el networking en un coworking

Join a community of more than 250 coworkers with free access to our coworkings in Barcelona and Sabadell

Icono de calendario sobre la flexibilidad de pago en CREC Coworking

We adapt your contract month by month according to your needs and without permanence.


We create personalized connections for your project

The Community Builders team at CREC Coworking Barcelona have more than 8 years of experience generating business opportunities between coworkers.

How do we do it?

CREC Connect is our way of understanding coworking. We interview all coworkers in the community to collaborate, share clients or promote new projects.

Community builders creando conexiones entre coworkers en CREC Coworking Barcelona

A plan for each professional.
Find yours at CREC Coworking Barcelona or Sabadell.

Chica trabajando en la zona de planes FIX de CREC Eixample
FIX Coworking

Enjoy an exclusive desk for you in the open area of ​​the spaces in Barcelona and Sabadell.

  • From 150€/month
Coworker trabajando en la zona FLEX de CREC Eixample
FLEX Coworking

Work with the same comforts in any CREC without having a reserved table.

  • From 125€/month
Chica trabajando tras contratar un bono de coworking en CREC Eixample
Coworking packs

10 or 20 day vouchers to work in any of our coworkings in Barcelona and Sabadell. Without expiration.

  • From 125€/pack

Plans for companies at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell

Open Corporate CREC Coworking Barcelona Eixample
Open Corporate

Make the most of all the advantages of coworking by locating your company on an island of tables exclusively for you.

  • From 450€/month
Equipo de trabajo en una isla de 4 mesas en el espacio abierto de coworking en Barcelona
Flex Corporate

Reserve flexible seats shared between the different workers of your company.

  • From 400€/month
Equipo de trabajo en una oficina privada del coworking en Barcelona
Private offices

Enjoy all the services of CREC Coworking in closed offices to which only you and your team have access.

  • From 550€/month

The team is the best

Opiniones CREC Coworking Barcelona 5 estrellas
Rocio Alcocer

“People who really care about making your day to day easier and adapting to your needs, so that you can focus on what is important in your project or business. A great place for both freelancers and startups and companies. We – TAPP Water – are more than 20 and we are more than happy.”

Rocío Alcocer Magirena. CEO at TAPP Water.

Crucial part of the progress of my project

Opiniones CREC Coworking Barcelona 5 estrellas
Eduardo Ruiz

“I have been a member for 1 and a half years and I feel at home. I have plans to grow my startup making the most of all the resources of CREC. They have helped and have been a crucial part of the advancement of my project.”

Eduardo Ruiz. CEO at Cotyzar.

Exquisite personal treatment and tailored service

Opiniones CREC Coworking Barcelona 5 estrellas
Imma Garcia

“A neat, pleasant, functional space, with all the necessary services and an exquisite personal treatment. They are adapted to the particular situation of professionals and offer a fairly tailored service. Highly recommended!”

Imma Garcia. Director at ISR Barcelona.

Excellent workspace

Opiniones CREC Coworking Barcelona 5 estrellas
Raul Alvarez

“An excellent space to work, you arrive by the place and you stay for the people, a personalized attention to your needs, totally recommended.”

Raul Alvarez. Director of the international division of SEUR.


Work from CREC Coworking Barcelona or Sabadell

3 locations, 3,000m2 and more than 10 rooms.


Discover a spacious and bright coworking space located in the central area of ​​Poble Sec.

Calle Blesa 27, 08010.


Zona de trabajo abierta de un coworking situado en el barrio de Eixample en Barcelona


Visit our most central coworking located in the heart of Barcelona.

Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 08004.


Área de descanso con oficinas al fondo en un coworking de Sabadell


Meet this coworking open and marked by natural light in the center of Sabadell.

Carrer del sol 62, 08201.


Our FAQS when choosing a coworking space in Barcelona

Choosing your new coworking space in Barcelona or Sabadell is almost like choosing an apartment to live in. In fact, it will be the home of your company or your projects. For this reason, Community Builders respond quickly to some common questions about renting a workspace in coworking Barcelona.

Why should I work in a coworking space in Barcelona?

Working in a coworking space in Barcelona has many advantages! It allows you to forget any management, use meeting and training rooms, meet other professionals, personalize your rate … The Community Builders of CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell encourage you to try it😉

Can I do networking in a coworking space?

Networking is one of the most important advantages of coworking in Barcelona. Renting a workspace and becoming part of a community of professionals is a great opportunity to expand your network of contacts. And if someone creates the connections for you, all the better! For this reason, at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell we have a Community Builders team that meets with you and works to promote your project in the coworking space.

Can I rent only the meeting rooms and training rooms of the coworking space?

Of course! In coworking Barcelona you can rent only the meeting and training rooms by booking by the hour or buying our vouchers. Even so, at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell we always think that it is a good idea for all projects to be integrated into the community. In fact, on many occasions it is more interesting and profitable to be part of CREC with the most affordable rate, enjoy all the advantages and connections of coworking in Barcelona, ​​have a few free hours of rooms and access the special packs of rooms for coworkers ( which are much cheaper).

Can I share my rate with someone else? And between several workers in a company?

When renting a workspace, Community Builders adapt to the needs of each coworker. For this reason, at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell you can share your rate with another person, reserve different seats in the coworking space to share between workers of the same company, work only part-time, buy bonuses for days … At coworking Barcelona we have a personalized option for each professional!

Can I talk on the phone in the open coworking space?

It is one of the most common questions among coworkers at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell. And we will always answer you the same: “A coworking space is not a library.” We are a work site and you can talk on the phone or video conference from your desk. And if your call needs more privacy, in our coworking Barcelona you always have at your disposal meeting rooms, skypebooths, common spaces … You can call from wherever you want!

Do I have permanence with my coworking space?

Renting a workspace in a coworking space is synonymous with flexibility. Therefore, it is important that it adapts to all your needs. In CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell we do not have permanence in any of our rates and we adapt the contracts month by month so that you can modify your coworking Barcelona rate whenever you want.

Can I come to work with my dog?

The Community Builders have a saying for our coworking space: “If your pet is educated, it will be welcome to CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell”. Being a Barcelona pet friendly coworking is one of our values, so you can come with your dog whenever you want.

Am I more sustainable if I work in a coworking space?

Working in a shared space such as our coworking in Barcelona implies in itself a great optimization of resources. But it is also important that coworking drives actions to be more sustainable. At CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell we adhere to the Citizen Commitment to Sustainability to work in this line and build a better environment every day.

Will I be protected from COVID-19 in the coworking space?

We have all adapted to COVID-19 … And CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell are no exception. For this reason, we created the CREC Care protocol with actions such as lateral separation, CO2 measurement of spaces or cleaning with ozone machines, among others, to better protect ourselves from the pandemic in the coworking space.

Can I try coworking before signing up?

Before making a decision, it is important to gather as much information as possible. And experiencing yourself if the services fit you is the best way. At CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell you always have a free trial week with no obligation to answer your questions. In addition, we put at your disposal all the rates and rental prices of the workspaces so that you can choose the best option.

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