It all started 4 years ago

CREC was born like many other projects. Like an abstract and repetitive idea in mind but, with the support of a brave team of entrepreneurs from Barcelona who believed this coworking could be amazing, it became real.

Thanks to Club Lleuresport de Barcelona‘s team, company who promoted CREC, their experience in project management, enthusiasm and the firm believe that there was other way of working, was born CREC Poble Sec. A space of more than 1000m2 with 150 positions of coworking, meeting and training rooms, therapy room, photo studio, kitchen office and different common areas where to connect.

With the arrival of the first coworkers, we discovered that a community is not a group of people in the same space, but the union of people who work together and create synergies, promoted by a team that works 100% to generate the environment and the best connections to make it possible.

We shared this project with more than 200 professionals and we have witnessed that the work philosophy we have developed in CREC works and it’s necessary for many self-employed professionals and freelancers.

Our expectations have been surpassed thanks to their proactivity and desire to share contributions. With their support and collaboration we now open our second coworking space in Barcelona, the CREC Eixample. A brand new location that reflects the experience we have gained over the years. There are flex and fixed working places, a conference room and private working places for small groups.

Behind the this growth you will find a dedicated team, motivated, focussed on meeting the requirements of a constantly changing community with the goal of creating connections that favor the growth of all the projects that are located in CREC, especially through our community builders.

Our team


– CEO –

He built CREC even before it existed. Of great ideas and brilliant mind, he’s confident in his team.


– Director –

He drives the orchestra, he’s in everything and always with a smile. His closeness is part from our trademark.


– Coworking Strategyst –

Immerse in the coworking world, he keeps us connected to the current trends of this industry.


– Comunication & marketing –

The one that talks here, in Twitter, Facebook or in the newsletter. I give voice to CREC because someone had to tell the world.


– Info and administration –

Takes care of the coworkers every time they need a hand, when deadlines are urgent and they have to squeeze themselves until 9pm.


– Info and administration –

He is the one who will update you about new coworkers or important news. You can count on him! 


– Community Builder –

Stands out thanks to her big smile able to cross borders. Multilingual and multitasking, she connects you with success with whom you least expect it.


– Community Builder –

Audiovisual producer, writer and photographer with a special vision and style when detecting the story of a synergy.