080Webs + Partner Adventure: When web design and SEO come together

Thanks to CREC Connect, the coworkers Jordi Benaiges and Sergi Sans have been able to work together in the positioning of a new web page.

Changes, after some time, become necessaries. This is what 080Webs team, formed by Jordi Benaiges and Juan José Muñoz, thought when they decided to renew the image of their web page and to create a new one. But that was not the only: they also wanted to promote their new content and give it a good positioning on the internet. Community builders of CREC, after knowing in-depht their projects and needs, connected them with a coworker who never fails in this kind of missions: he is Sergi Sans, CEO of Partner Adventure.

This is one of the more than 320 connections that, up until now, have been created from CREC Connect (here you can see the map with all the connections between coworkers). The main characters of this collaboration explain to us how it has been to work together and which are their common future prospects.


Video and images of Vera García

What has consisted your connection?


Jordi Benaiges: We had our own web page, but we were a little bored with it because of its look… And seeing the evolution of our competence, we decided to give a step forward. We bet for change the design, but also for include new services from the connections that we made with some coworkers of CREC, like Nicola Mesken with photography, Daniel Herrera with corporate videos or Sergi Sans with positioning. We can say that we wanted to redesign our web with a wider offer of services.


How long have you been working together?


Sergi Sans: At the moment, we have been working together more than 6 months, because we started our collaboration in May, but our idea is to keep this connection as long as possible. Right now, we have 5 active clients: we keep the first we shared together and all the following we made. For this reason, I consider my connection with Jordi as a successful connection, because normally my previous collaborations with other coworkers were shorter… Instead, our connection has been so strong and our future plans are focused on keep it active. This kind of synergies are the ones which make us enjoy of coworking.



“We think that coworking is actually the best work system possible”


How has been your relationship working together?


S: Our collaboration started in a peculiar moment for Partner Adventure because our company grew up quickly: our workforce and clients increased at the same time. But I think that it was positive, because we improve on our communication and management.

J: Yes, maybe during the first weeks, we spent some time adapting our working routines with our new partners, because everyone has its own processes and suffers changes, but the most important for us was to keep the normality with our clients, and that was a complete success. We work with a nice coordination, sending the same message and telling to our stakeholders that we consider coworking the best work system possible. We wanted to show how we work together in the same space, but as single companies.


And personally, what would you highlight about your connection?


S: Since we started working together, the relationship between Partner Adventure and 080Webs has been excellent. I would be lying if I said that we never meet out of CREC for drink a beer, review something of the day or speak about issues that have nothing to do with work.

J: Absolutely, this is one of the best points of our connection. We can put aside our conversations about clients or projects and laugh with our jokes or talk about important things of our lives.



“When I explained my project well, I started to create a lot of interesting connections” 


¿Finally, how would you value your CREC Connect experience?


S: For me, our connection is the best one we have made at CREC, and that is an important point because we have created other powerful connections. This one started with us working in Eixample and Carles López insisting me: “there is a developers team in Poble Sec which you should meet”. His vision and our purpose to work with bigger projects where the key factors to create our connection. I have to say that it is so important to explain your project well if you want to obtain the most of CREC Connect, because in the past, I didn’t expose properly the mission of our company. When I did it, we started to create a lot of interesting connections.

J: As 080Webs team, we are very happy with how CREC Connect works. For us, it was nice with Partner Adventure, but also with other coworkers. We have created maybe 10 or 15 web pages for other coworkers during our 3 years here, we helped people with their technical problems, we shared clients… We can only have positive values with our projects and the relationships with the community.

Marc Parals


Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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