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5 business books to come back from holidays with your batteries charged – Vanesa Carrasquilla

Coming back from holidays is always a good chance to train yourself before getting into daily routine. For me it’s a moment to restart – I talk about myself, of course! – and I try to get some new skills that will be useful for my work.

Communication, sales, mindset, management, marketing… Apart from attending to workshops and trainings, books are a key tool to learn. Thus, I have selected 5 business books on different topics which can help you improve some specific abilities.


This is marketing, by Seth Godin


With an innovative perspective, Godin approaches us to advertising, sales and marketing trends. Unlike traditional marketing, he focuses in people’s education instead of companies, while he sees new marketing as a way to solve people’s problems and help them reach their goals. According to Godin, the only way to do this is creating trust ties with the audience.


5 libros de negocios


Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want, by Alexander Osterwalder & other authors


Creating products and services can be an absolute headache. But, again, this book explains that knowing the audience and reacting to their needs is the key. To explain it in a practical way, the authors propose exercises to focus on the target, which is crucial to create a successful business.


Todo es posible, by Alicia Sánchez Pérez


Mindset is also critical when making a business grow. Sánchez suggests us to observe life with curiosity and understand which are the laws that rule the world so we can get the best out of it. This book has elements from business and self-development books and it talks about the need to connect with your own intuition to build a meaningful life.


El mundo es tu público, by Daniel Colombo


Visibility is one of the greatest challenge for any business. Even if you have the best one in the world, if you don’t explain it none will know it and it will be really hard to earn a living. In this book, Colombo explains how media can be a good tool to promote your project. Thus, appearing on newspapers, the radio or television will provide your business with prestige, credibility and brand reputation, which are highly requested intangible assets. This is one of my specialties as a journalist and communication advisor, so I will be here for you if you need any help.


Las diez aristas de emprender, by the female entrepreneurs community Extraordinaria


Despite it’s not really visible, gender entrepreneurship does exist. The reason why a man or a women decide to start a business can be very different. This book guides you across the 10 items we need to consider to start a conscious and sustainable business with a positive social impact.

I’ve shared these books with you with the hope that they inspire you as much as they inspired me and that they help you to boost any area of your business.

I would love to know which are your essential business books, those that any entrepreneur must have in her/his library. So feel free to drop us a line on the post’s comments and in our social media. We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Vanesa Carrasquilla

I’m a journalist and communication assistant for brands, entrepreneurs and companies. I help my customers to generate impact and prestige by appearing in the media. I also design communication strategies and customized content for them. I’m coworker of CREC and an absolutely cat lover. I’m the founder of We Love Cats Market, the first beneficent handmade market in Barcelona which helps the abandoned cats of Barcelona. We celebrate it every November in CREC Poble Sec.

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