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5 podcast to get started after Summer holidays

If you do not want to experience post-vacation depression and you want to get back to work as soon as possible, podcasts can be a good tool to achieve it. Currently you have a great variety of topics that can help you “get ready” and that the return to the routine is less traumatic than other years. Last year, I recommended you the best books for your holidays. Now, take your mobile, download the podcast app and note why here are 5 business podcasts to get you started after the holidays.


 5 podcast para ponerte las pilas después de las vacaciones

Picture by Vera García

Libros para emprendedores, by Luis Ramos


If you never find the time to read and fewer books related to the business world, this podcast is a ‘must‘ on your phone. And it is that its promoter is dedicated to reading and summarizing the main entrepreneurship books that you can find in the market and, in some cases, even interviewing their authors such as Seth Godin, a true marketing guru. They are long programs in which it is worth having a notebook and a pen nearby to take notes.


Marketing online, by Juan Boluda


Makes marketing easy and digestible. Juan Boluda has become one of the great references in the world of marketing. In his daily podcast he talks about strategies, tools, trends in the sector and he does so with good humor and a close language. At the moment it has more than 1600 published episodes. Therefore, if there is an idea or tool that resists you, Boluda surely has the answer for you.


Escribir para vender, by Maïder Tomasena


If you would like to improve your sales skills through copywriting and writing for the new course, you should listen to this podcast. Learn the persuasion techniques, the keys to a good ‘about me’ on your website or how to sell more by changing your Language and making it more direct. In this podcast you will find tools and tips to implement immediately.


Podcast vacaciones


Caviar online, by MarfiCom


This is what you will find in this podcast by Carles Fité and Joan Martí. Apart from bringing you the news from social networks and the latest trends in the world of marketing, you will also laugh at the musical battles between them two. As they say: “Value content in small doses.”


Debsapp, by Oye Deb


If you are looking for a more holistic approach to business that involves creating a company that is in tune with you and your personal needs, Deborah Marín’s podcast will not disappoint. She has a very particular approach and does not mince words when it comes to giving her vision on strategies and absolute truths that the great gurus of entrepreneurship defend. And all this with a personal and very close vision on how to do business and live from them.


These are just some of the podcasts that are available to you right now. There are also interviews, finance, coaching, psychology, emotional well-being … The success of this format is that it allows us to do other things while we listen to them. And you, do you recommend any other podcast so I can download it? Leave it in the comments section of the blog for everyone to discover.

By the way, if you run a business and would like to start your own podcast, I encourage you to read this other article. Surely it can give you a little insight and perspective on everything you need to have your own program and start building a loyal community around your company.

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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