CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell:

Connecting with coworking since 2012

The path of CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell began with the idea of a team of brave entrepreneurs from Barcelona who believed that society needed a new way of working.

Sketchnote made by Violette Bay about CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell

Thanks to the Club Lleuresport de Barcelona team and the daring of Roman Calavera, CEO of CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell, it was possible to embark on this adventure with enthusiasm, experience in project management and the confidence that it would be a success. ThusCREC Poble Sec in 2012. A space of more than 1000m2, with 150 coworking positions, meeting and training rooms, therapy room, photography studio, office and different common spaces where people can socialise.

“A community is not a group of people in the same space, but the union of people who collaborate and create synergies driven by a team”

In 2016, In 2016, our expectations were exceeded thanks to their proactivity and willingness to share. With their support, we opened our second coworking space in Barcelona, CREC Eixample. An adapted space in the centre of Barcelona where you have fixed and flex positions, meeting room, office and offices.

Together with the Barcelona City Council and the District of Sant Andreu we created a new concept of coworking: social return coworking. That’s why in 2017 we opened Sinèrgics, a municipal coworking space housed in disused space in the Baró de Viver neighbourhood where coworkers actively participate in projects that promote the development of their immediate environment.

But our desire to grow would not end here, far from it. So in 2019, we are opening CREC Sabadell, our first space outside Barcelona. As our CEO Roman Calavera says, “coworking has to be an option for everyone, not just for big cities”. And so we have done it.

Welcome pack de CREC Coworking Barcelona y Sabadell

“The work philosophy that we have created at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell works not only for freelancers but also for small and large companies”

Once again, the coworking led by a professional team of Community Builders becomes much more than an office, a powerful development tool not only for the professionals who live there but also for their environment. We currently have a community of more than 300 professionals. We have found that the work philosophy we have created at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell works and is necessary not only for freelancers and self-employed professionals but also for small and large companies.

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