What do art, technology and CREC Coworking have in common?

As we mentioned in the previous article, nowadays it is very important for the development of our businesses to have basic notions of Data Science. Knowing where this conglomerate of information comes from and how we can take advantage of it, is a strong point to be able to obtain benefits from our work. Therefore, today we are going to explain in more detail what the new e-book from Nuclio Digital School offers us.

Diseñadora gráfica en CREC Eixample

To begin with, we have to thank the writers who have allowed this e-book to see the light of day, since through a process of research and development of their knowledge, these 5 professionals dedicated more than 4 months to write each chapter, adapting the vocabulary to reach more people.

  • Espartaco Camero, Data Scientist in large companies such as eDreams, Ymedia and Telefónica.
  • Jesús Prada, PhD in Machine Learning in Biostatistics and Computational Biology.
  • Carlos Pérez, Data Scientist at the Spanish hotel chain Hotusa.
  • Massimiliano Brevini, Data Analyst in different Spanish innovation and technology companies.
  • Toni Badia, Data Scientist and co-founder of Dragon Corp, a Blockchain Gaming company.

The objective with which the digital business school has decided to carry out this e-book, is the democratization of information and education. This campaign is born to give the opportunity to more users, for free, to be able to have new tools and sources of information to adapt the knowledge of their projects or professional careers. And also, with a unique style thanks to the artist Ricardo Cavolo. This is where the symbiosis between art and technology takes place.

And in case you don’t know him yet, Ricardo Cavolo is an international Spanish artist. His eclectic style is based on relationships with folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture, European religious imagery and tribal arts. Using art as a complex narrative, Cavolo often focuses on portraiture. Referencing illustrations of religious and historical fiction, his use of symmetry and symbolism, connects with the audience, modern and playful.
He has done public murals and art exhibitions all over the world. “From Paris to Moscow and from Mexico City to Hong Kong.” She usually works actively, making illustrations, publications, commissioned works and fashion collaborations.

Nuclio Digital School & CREC Coworking

Undoubtedly, this digital book that combines art and technology, is an easy and convenient way to learn the ins and outs of different fields of the data world (Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine & Deep Learning), whose knowledge is necessary for a good development of professional projects, in order for them to have an optimal performance.

In this way, the e-book by Nuclio Digital School, is the demonstration that art and technology have a symbiotic relationship that has always existed. However, nowadays this link is more evident due to the works that express this relationship as part of their final product, facilitating access to the digital world through culture.

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