How can a coworking facility mitigate the effects of inflation?

It has been three years since we experienced a global situation that mankind has never faced before: a pandemic. And although this may seem like a distant memory today, we are still dealing with some of the aftermath. Among them, the inflation that followed the quarantine period.

Equip a CREC Eixample

As we have discussed in previous articles, there are many advantages for both companies and freelancers when it comes to making coworking their workplace. One of the most important during this period in which inflation affects everyone’s pocket, including companies, is the flexibility of being able to choose the rate that best suits the needs of each client, as well as the security that these rates are fixed and will not vary depending on the increase of electricity, water or any supply on which workers may depend.

For this and many other reasons, freelancers and companies choose to work in a coworking space. When the end of the month approaches and you have to calculate expenses, you should keep in mind that the percentage that you invest in your workplace neither decreases nor increases depending on the month, but it is always the same.

It is important to take into account the savings of having the workplace established in a coworking, and we are not only talking about economic savings, but also energy savings. Sharing space with other coworkers is a single source of energy for more than one company and different freelancers. From CREC Coworking we want to highlight the importance of being able to save in this field, as we are a coworking committed to climate change and aware of the ecology and the need to take care of our planet.

Equip a CREC Poble Sec

For a coworking like CREC it is important to have different rates, because the work of companies and freelancers is a variable work and, therefore, depending on the needs, economy and investments of each type of client, different spaces will be needed, which entails different expenses.

In addition, now that CREC Coworking has grown, one of the advantages that adds to the list of having the workspace in our coworking, are the different locations that our community can use to work. Since January we have, not only our spaces in CREC Poble Sec, CREC Eixample and CREC Sabadell, but also now, our coworkers can make use of the flex areas that are already available in CREC Eixample Diagonal (Bruc Street 145 and 149) and CREC Gràcia (Joaquim Ruyra Street 9-11).

Finally, we want to emphasize that when we talk about flexibility in coworking, we mean flexibility in several senses: time flexibility, flexibility when using our facilities, but something that is very important for our coworkers, is the flexibility when changing rates. CREC Coworking always tries to adapt to the coworkers, that’s why our community keeps growing day after day.

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