The benefits of choosing a cheap coworking in Barcelona

These days, where simply living gets more and more expensive, people want to save money wherever they can. This means spending less on groceries, less dining out and more home cooking or turning off the ac or heater to cut down on the bills. These are all valid options, but what if you are a freelancer with limited space at home, that needs a place to work from in these expensive times? That’s where cheap coworking in Barcelona comes in.

The average freelancer or company is fully focused on their job and that’s stressful enough. That’s where a coworking space shines. A coworking takes away all the stress of having to manage an office space and lets you fully focus on your work. Now I know what you might be thinking, ‘that sounds quite expensive’. And a lot of the time it is, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Thats why we will be showing you some of the benefits of choosing a cheap coworking in Barcelona.

How can you make coworking more cheap?

A lot of coworking agencies in Barcelona can get this expensive because of all the extra commodities they bring, like for example swimming pools, gyms, yoga classes, massive seaside roof terraces etc. etc. While these things are nice, they are also kind of redundant and even distracting. Imagine having a hard day getting work done, meanwhile it’s 30 degrees outside and the swimming pool is right there. I personally wouldn’t be getting ANY work done that day. Making coworking more cheap doesn’t mean the office and services are any less valuable. In some cases, cheap is simply just as good if not better.

What’s important for a good and cheap coworking in Barcelona?

Working at a cheap coworking gives you all of the commodities and services you need for your business or startup. For businesses with need of space for multiple people, a private office is almost always an option in a coworking. This gives you and your colleagues the space to work in your own habitat which is something a lot of companies desire. Private offices at the more expensive coworking agencies can get really expensive really quick. This might be another reason to consider a cheap coworking. These private offices are less affordable, not necessarily because of the quality of the office space, but it’s the extras that make them less cheap.

However you have to get the very basics of an office right as a coworking. Good ergonomic desks and office chairs, WiFi that can support over 100 people, a comfortable living area where you separate work from relaxing, good lighting and enough natural light, phonebooths and private rooms to make calls and of course clean sanitation.

A view of our dynamic coworking space in one our cheap coworking spaces.

What sets CREC Coworking apart as a “cheap” coworking?

One of our main selling points is our flexibility. When you have a CREC subscription you can make use of the offices and meeting rooms at our other locations. There are three, being CREC Coworking Eixample, CREC Coworking Gràcia and CREC Coworking Sabadell. We grant this access to maximize your working efficiency from wherever you may be.

Also an essential part of a good coworking is the staff of the coworking itself. The people that work there have the task to make you feel at home. They are the glue to a healthy and fun work environment. This is something CREC Coworking Barcelona values very highly. Our community builders are always there to help the coworkers with anything they might be dealing with. It is expected of the community builders to know the coworkers personally and all their latest projects. This creates a bond where you don’t just work in the same office with the community builders but you actually work alongside them.

This is further strengthened by our CREC Connect program, where we do interviews with our coworkers where we ask them questions about what they do, why they enjoy CREC Coworking etc. We update these every once in a while where we ask them once again what they’re up to and what connections they’ve made along the way at CREC Coworking Barcelona.

Robin Steenbergen

Marketing & Communications student, and Intern at CREC Coworking. I am always trying to learn more about on- and offline marketing. Through creative, outside the box thinking I am good at coming up with new ideas for social media and online presence as a whole.

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