Consulta nuestras medidas para proteger CREC de la COVID-19

CREC Care, our protocol to protect ourselves from COVID-19

Updated on 15/01/2021

The world will never be the same again. At least, it will take a long time to recover normality as we knew it until now. For this reason, the CREC Coworking Community Builders team has been working on the CREC Care project: A new protocol of its own to ensure that our 3 spaces are as safe as possible against COVID-19. We are sure that the best way to get ahead is as a community, and we will do it in a prepared environment.

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CREC Care measures are as follows:

1. Adjusting the capacity and increasing the distance between coworkers. We have ensured the spacing of tables and / or chairs so that the recommended distance between coworkers exists at all times. This is possible thanks to the breadth of Poble Sec, Eixample and Sabadell, but also to the adjustment we have made of the capacity of our spaces.

2. Disinfecting gel for the entire space. From now on, people will clear their hands usually. For that reason, a part from water and soap in every bathroom, we will have disinfecting gel in every access to our venues and in the public areas.

3. Use of masks. The CREC team will always attend you with masks off their table. For this reason, we ask you to follow this action and, outside of your desk, you also use them to protect the rest of coworkers.

4. Netsport and Community Builders intensive cleaning. Our cleaning company works every morning first thing using new virucidal products recommended by the Ministry of Health. Our Community Builders, always present in the space,  clean the common areas and stuff when they are used.

5. Ozone disinfection.We have ozone devices to remove viruses and doors from the air. We promote this initiative to all private offices, in open space, in public areas, sinks and in meeting rooms.

6. CO2 measurements. The air quality is one of the most important things in order to prevent the virus. For that reason, we have CO2 analysers which show the carbon dioxide level and let us ensure an optimum air quality in our spaces.

7. Airing of the space. Our Community Builder also keep the windows opened to ensure the airing of the 3 CRECs. A part from that, once every 3-4 hours, we open the access and emergency doors to enforce the air circulation during some minutes.

8. Reduced capacity in the office. We have limited seats in the dining area and we have identified them with the “CREC Care” sticker. For this reason, we allow all coworkers to eat at your table. In addition, we will enable other common spaces to make it even more comfortable.

9. Limitation of capacity in meeting rooms. Only meetings that ensure the minimum distance between people will be allowed. Therefore, the training rooms can only be used if the maximum capacity is 10 or 15 people in the biggest ones and 4 people in the meeting rooms.

10. Thermometers. We have thermometers at the Community Builders table so that coworkers or visitors who wish can see the temperature at any time. Remember that, if you doubt about your health, we ask you to stay at home.

11. Signage for common spaces. From now on, in the space you will find recommendations that we and external visitors should follow from now on.

12. On-line workshops and conferences. The limitation of space in the meeting rooms also affects our workshops. Therefore, as we have been doing during #CRECStaysAtHome, we will program online activities for the entire community.

13. Access to the centers. We recommend not using the fingerprint at CREC Eixample. Community builders will always be attentive to open the door for you. If you use it, you can wash it with the ice that is immediately at the entrance.

14. Open doors. Community Builders to ensure that all doors in common areas are open at all times to avoid knocking on locks (except toilets – if occupied – and private offices).

15. Disinfection of the parcel. Every time a package arrives for our coworkers, we disinfect the box with wipes or alcohol. We also recommend that you do the same with the product inside the package and that you pick it up 24 hours after receiving it.

CREC-Care-IconosAs always, we will be delighted that everyone can participate. Therefore, this protocol will be under constant review and will be participatory. So if you have any suggestion or proposal to make, we will be happy to study it and include it. Let out!

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