Map of the connections created

The work of our community builders is essential in the development of the CREC community. Interviews with each new coworker, day-to-day contact and their experience in this field, allow them to make valuable connections between different professional profiles. Thus arises the magic of a collaboration, an exchange and, even, companies in common between two coworkers.

This is the map of the connections made by our community builders during the last year. Click on the name of any coworker, check his profile and find out who is in and out of CREC.


We have created more than 1.200 professional connections!

Don't you know CREC Connect potential yet?

Video created by our coworker Valentina Tamiazzo


Discover some of the collaborations powered by CREC Connect

Bracap + Waltex: Branding y diseño gráfico para un turismo sostenible

Waltex + Bracap Global Tours: Branding and graphic design for a sustainable tourism

CREC Connect Dani Mata i Gemma Beltran

Dani Mata + Gemma Beltran: Digital marketing for a new concept of emotional well-being

TAPP Water y Kubbo Coworking

Kubbo + TAPP Water: The best same-day delivery for a top startup specialised in drinking water filters

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