CREC Coworking expands its community: CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal arrive

It has been many months of continuous work, but finally we can announce something that fills us with enthusiasm. CREC Coworking has two new locations in Barcelona and incorporates a large community of coworkers. CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal are born.

These two venues, until now known as Depot Lab Joanic and Depot Lab Bruc, come thanks to sharing a coworking philosophy with Deborah V. Oziel and Renzo Van Dijk, its founders. In this article, we explain you what benefits this union will bring to our entire community, how this transfer has occurred and which is the origin of Depot Lab.

“We will be even better and we will create the CREC Coworking community that we have ever dreamed”

¿What does the birth of CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal mean?

As of today, CREC Coworking consists of 5 locations. CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal join CREC Poble Sec, CREC Sabadell and the renamed CREC Eixample Gran Via. That means advantages for each coworker in our community, since today they can come always they want to work as a flex from CREC Gràcia, for example.

This union means a boost for services such as CREC Connect, because all coworkers from the previous Depot Lab have become part of our network. The Community Builders are interviewing all the companies and freelancers to know what they do and start creating value connections. Our community is growing almost the double, and the collaborations and business opportunities too.

Our CEO, Roman Calavera, see it that way: “We face the new challenge to add Depot Lab in CREC Coworking day by day as a new way. A new adventure which will make us better, fasters and smarters. We will face all the adversities… Everything with the CREC spirit: Help everyone who has something to say and who want to make their dreams true. All the team lives this challenge with the goal to grow up, to live new experiences. And as Manolo Garcia says: “Nobodoy can tie us if the alarms are ringing”. It has to be an emotional experience. And at the end of the way, we will be better. We will create the CREC Coworking community that we have ever dreamed”.

This is what our two new locations are like

CREC Gràcia

The first of the new locations is CREC Gràcia, a large coworking space located next to Plaça Joanic. With access located at the foot of Joaquim Ruyra 9-11 street, CREC Gràcia combines a total of 8 private offices with an open coworking space area and a meeting room designed for freelancers and startups. Companies such as Via Photon, AviQuali or AE Internships give life to the facilities.

CREC Eixample Diagonal

On the other hand, our new location on the Right of the Eixample is formed by different floors converted into private offices in Bruc 145 and 149. All of them with natural light and 24/7 access, also have a large place at street level where the company Le Wagon teaches its programming courses. The relax area of this place will serve as a meeting point for the whole community to celebrate our vermouths.

Depot Lab, the origin of everything

CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal wouldn’t be possible without Depot Lab. Born in 2016 in Barcelona, its founders Deborah V. Oziel and Renzo Van Dijk have built a great international community with values that identify us. Always with the treatment of people as the most important element, they have left the skin so that nothing was ever missing from anyone.

“It’s hard to leave Depot Lab because it’s been like watching a child grow up. We have taken care of it and dedicated ourselves with all our strength. But we’re happy that CREC Coworking will take Depot Lab to the place it deserves and they’ll do it with all the heart like we did. They will have the same care of the coworkers, of the space. Because we are the same. The relationship with CREC has been excellent for a long time, it is now and always will be,” say Deborah and Renzo.

Now, they have their eyes set on a new project. And we have something to do with it. “We’ll explain to you soon what we’ll do!” exclaims Deborah.

¡Come and meet the new Community Builders of each center!

The acquisition of Depot Lab and the birth of CREC Gràcia and CREC Eixample Diagonal also implies novelties in the Community Builders team. While Andrea Amarilla and Marc Parals (myself) have gone on to manage the new two venues, CREC Eixample Gran Via will have the tandem formed by Elena Mullor and Aida López.

Meanwhile, CREC Poble Sec will continue to be captained by Roger Calavera and Alfredo Vera, who is also responsible for CREC Sabadell. Together with CEO Roman Calavera and director Carles López, we expect many successes with this growth both for ourselves and, above all, for our entire CRECWorkers community. We are waiting for you!

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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