CREC Coworking once again led the 2nd edition of the Art Experience

Coworking, sustainability and talent. These were the three main ingredients of the Art Experience 2022 menu. In this edition, the students faced the CREC Ergotèrmic concept, devised by our CEO Roman Calavera. The challenge was to think and design a more environmentally responsible CREC Coworking and the dynamic could not have produced more inspiring results!

This activity collects the testimony of the first edition of the Art Experience, organized jointly with the ENSEAPD (Plastic Arts and Design Area of the Service for the Organization of Special Education of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya). Soon we will organize new joint activities and we are impatient to announce it!


Activitat artística CREC Coworking Barcelona

“We want to bring nature into coworking, generating an optimal ecosystem for work that stimulates the senses and brings life and comfort to coworkers”


The event took place on March 22nd in an online format. In the room, we gathered the Community Builders and CEO of CREC and the students and teachers of art and design schools from all over Catalonia. The configuration of the groups kicked off hours of creativity and teamwork. While last year they asked for proposals to attract the attention of young entrepreneurs, this year the challenge was to make the space more sustainable.

To do this, initially the session facilitators from CREC Coworking Barcelona did a small CREC Connect and proposed the SCAMPER method. With each group well cohesive, the day revolved around the Ergothermic CREC. What does it consist of?


What is CREC Ergothermic?


Ergothermia, the protagonist word of the session… It doesn’t exist. Therefore, each group had to fill it with meaning. For us, it means the creation of an ecosystem in each center to become climatically comfortable and provide workplaces that encourage creativity and collaboration with the lowest possible level of energy consumption.

Thus, the participants had to think about the design of materials, interior space, mechanical design and the cross-cutting concept of sustainability: energetic, economic and psychological.


Tangram team, the winners of Art Experience 2022


Although all the attendees were winners just for being present, the proposal that most convinced the audience was the Tangram team, formed by Cecilia, Mireia, Ot and Yaiza. Their proposal consists of merging nature and energy to achieve efficiency.


Grup guanyador Art Experience 2022

“We propose to approach the space in all its faces: roof, floor, walls, air, interior and exterior. The coworking space will be a hybrid space as
pleasant and customizable as possible”


The project, baptized CREC Green, includes measures such as the incorporation of hydroponic crops, plants that regulate heat, mood boards… And even Clean Graffitti to connect it with the city! “We propose to address the space on all its faces: roof, floor, walls, air, interior and exterior. The coworking will be a hybrid space as pleasant and customizable as possible,” explained its ideologists.

Now all that’s left is for the winners to come and enjoy their free month of coworking – we can’t wait to see their talent grow with us!

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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