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CREC Coworking & Women entrepreneurship

Women entrepreneurship is just as important as male entrepreneurship. However, research shows that much promises remains untapped. That is a shame, especially in a world that increasingly demands diversity and inclusion. The opportunities are there more than ever and that is why women aspire to more personal and business growth. Just like men, they want to make a difference and establish themselves in the world.

If you type ‘female entrepreneurship‘ on Google, you get many reports, articles, blogs and events about women. If you type in ‘male entrepreneurship’, you get a lot of references to ‘female entrepreneurship’. Not quite ‘no results founded’. The image of the word entrepreneur for most people was one of a white man between 40 and 60 years. That is outdated. It is important to find out how women and men can complement and strengthen each other, especially at CREC Coworking Barcelona. “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value” is the first thing we encounter. This quote is from Albert Einstein. For CREC Coworking Barcelona, success means effective value creation.


Alba Castellet, CEO de Década Studio, trabajando en CREC Coworking Barcelona

Pictures by Vera García


Female energy is separate from gender. Ideally, male and female energy is nicely balanced in both men and women. When we talk about female energy we can confirm that it stands for care, softness, purity, authenticity, honesty, flow, connection, intuition.

Do you know what distinguishes female entrepreneurship? What qualities you possess as a woman that many of us have fallen far short of? To live and do business successfully you use your intuition and feeling, combined with your brains.


“To live and do business successfully you use your intuition and feeling, combined with your brains”


First a little history: A long time ago, when we lived together in small groups in caves, our female strength was of great importance. The man, armed with a spear, went into the forest to look for food. Females searched the surroundings for wood and kept the fire burning, which was vital after all. We picked herbs and sweet fruits to make our meals special. We made clothes from animal skins to protect us from the cold.

At the campfire, we taught our children social interaction, shared experiences, wisdom and learned our life lessons. Injustice was not tolerated and never forgotten. But if repentance was shown, trust and respect could be regained by starting at the bottom. As soon as a stranger approached our territory, we were on edge. Instinctively, we sensed when someone with bad intentions was coming towards us. Then the children were hustled back to the cave and one of us showed her strength and ran towards the stranger. There she made it clear in no uncertain terms that his visit was not wanted. If it turned out that someone was of good sense, then they were welcomed with joy and invited to share at the campfire.


La coworker Violette Bay trabajando en CREC Coworking Barcelona


“CREC Coworking Barcelona shows you who you are as a woman and an entrepreneur”


A female enterprise is like living by a campfire. An entrepreneur looks for wood to keep her fire burning, in the form of assignments, inspiration, renewal and creativity. She has people around her whom she feels, appreciates and wants to learn from. She knows, encourages and makes use of talents, and in doing so empowers her network/employees/colleagues. She is aware of her intuition and qualities, shares her knowledge, takes and gives responsibility and asks questions. Communicates in equality, has respect, feels friendship and sets boundaries.

After her work, she returns home. Takes and gives attention and warmth. There she enjoys the peace, balance and affection of the people who share in her success.

CREC Coworking Barcelona shows you who you are as a woman and an entrepreneur. It makes clear what you want and what is important to you. How you express your values, passion and ambition. That you are aware of your intuition and talents in which you distinguish yourself and that you have PLEASURE in who you are and what you do.

Women often talk about the same obstacles to their business project. Firstly, fear of failure and the risks to their family life prevent them from taking action. This creates doubts about their professional skills and exposes a lack of self-confidence. In addition, there are social factors that have been inherited over generations. The woman plays the main role in the family and must invest as much time as possible in it. Even though the motivations of future female entrepreneurs are very diverse, there is one element that often binds them: the need to express themselves and to realize themselves. And to look for a better way to use their skills.


La ilustradora Valentina Tamiazzo como Flex en CREC Coworking Barcelona


“Examples of female entrepreneurship skills? Self-confidence, creativity, proactivity, competitive spirit, sense of responsibility, initiative and risk-taking.”


CREC Coworking Barcelona shows how entrepreneurship is an attainable and fulfilling professional path for both women and men. One way of doing this is by showing how diverse and varied female entrepreneurship can be. And by working on the development of skills especially for female entrepreneurs. Examples? Self-confidence, creativity, proactivity, competitive spirit, sense of responsibility, initiative and risk-taking..

Through this blog, we encourage you to motivate women to pursue their dreams. Will you help us motivate even more women to become entrepreneurs?

Sophie Bruurs

My name is Sophie from the Netherlands and I’m working for the internship agency AE Internships. People describe me as a skilled self-starter who is decisive and loves to take risks. I’m always looking for big challenges while constantly staying in contact with people.

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