Avoid conflicts!

What are the causes of labor disputes?

Learning to manage and resolve conflicts is key to creating an optimal, effective, and productive work environment. Dialogue as the main tool and a protocol to follow allow us to maintain an emotionally stable workplace, both individually and as a team.

Thus, good communication and consistent action in the face of conflict will help us to improve our quality of working life. How?

  • Reflexion: Becoming aware of potential conflicts and how they affect us will help us focus on what methodology we follow to resolve them.
  • Resolution: An optimal resolution of conflicts will give us an impetus towards the most efficient and productive change. And it will reinforce teamwork.
  • Value addition: Discovering the different abilities and skills of the team will help us manage conflicts and empathise in the different situations that arise.


CRECWorkshop Gemma Beltran

Gemma Beltran is the Founder of Quality Of Family Life, a project dedicated to accompanying people in all phases of their lives: Family, education, work, health and time management. They do this by creating tailor-made programs and workshops made by a team of collaborators specialised in each field.


We organize this CREC Workshop for companies and groups of 6 coworkers. If you feel interested to do it, talk with the Community Builders team!

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