Emotionally intelligent companies

Do you want to improve productivity, work climate and interpersonal relationships in your company?

The main goal is to raise awareness of how we communicate and how emotional state affects productivity, the work climate, and our relationships with others.

Based on emotional awareness (what are my emotions and those of others), we will begin to know the information that emotions give us to be able to reason and make decisions, to use emotions based on what work you are doing in each moment and regulate them without minimising or exaggerating them.


Rebeca Bermudez CREC Workshops

Rebeca Bermúdez is a psychologist and coach specialized in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching. She is interested in the optimal functioning of people and organizations. Performs programs and interventions for the promotion of emotional well-being and health in workshops, workshops and conferences. More than 150 people have participated in their workshops and courses.


We organize this CREC Workshop for companies and groups of 6 coworkers. If you feel interested to do it, talk with the Community Builders team!

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