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Updated on April 4th, 2020.

On March 14th, the Government decreed the state of alarm to try to stop the spread of coronavirus in Spain. From this measure, citizens must put their health above all, thus prohibiting any glimpse of social life. You can only go outside if it is really justified, whether it is to buy food, drugs, attend to those who need it or go to work, among others. For this reason, the Community Builders team decided that #CRECStaysAtHome.

#CRECStaysAtHomeDespite the fact that the decree does not specifically forbid the activity of coworking spaces, at CREC we cling to one of our values: social responsibility. To take care of our coworkers, and ourselves, and try to contain possible contagion, the best decision was to physically close CREC Poble Sec, CREC Eixample and CREC Sabadell. Therefore, we could all follow the instructions that came from the authorities and telework experts. But also, it became a great opportunity to demonstrate why we are more than just a physical workspace.

Carles López, Community Builder, is sure that CREC Coworking services go further and believes that it is a great time to take advantage of it. “CREC Connect is one of our added values. It is a good opportunity to meet new projects, review connections and create more synergies”.


CREC Connect Carles López y Javi Díaz


“CREC Connect is one of our added values. It is a good opportunity to meet new projects, review connections and create more synergies”


For this reason, the team has carried out interesting interviews, such as the one with Javi Díaz, developer and web design expert in WordPress, the one with Oriol Peñalver, founder of the graphic design studio Comunicom, the one of Ludivine Guinio, Product Manager for the French digital marketing agency EuroPass or the one with Patricia Gómez, founder of GL Asesoría Legal, expert in the Second Chance Law. Together with them, we have created contacts on which we will be pending to check if any collaboration is created like the ones we explained in our interviews for this blog.


Do you want to see a CREC Connect interview?


In fact, our Community Builder Alfredo Vera and the coworker Patricia Gómez decided to record their interview to show you how we discover the new projects inside the community with the goal of create valuable connections between professionals. Here can you see the result:



CREC Connect interviews are not the only service that allows you to enter our community. Often, the ordinary workload does not allow us to investigate enough the full potential of Nexudus, our internal platform. In it, all CRECWorkers can create their own profile and complete it with the information they consider most relevant. Thus, they will be able to access a large directory to discover the projects in which the rest of the coworkers work and contact those that they find most interesting.

To make Nexudus easier and more useful, we have created the following tutorial:



“With Nexudus, all CRECWorkers can discover the projects of other coworkers and contact them to collaborate”


Therefore, the entire Community Builders team agrees that the best thing about CREC is its coworkers. Why? Because during these days, great initiatives have emerged among the community to spread their knowledge and help those who need it. Thanks to them, we can offer a complete agenda of online workshops with topics as diverse as SEO positioning, coaching, graphic design or cosmetics.


The online CRECWorkshops portfolio


If a CREC coworker is interested in taking these free trainings, just contact the Community Builders team to arrange your session. They will work as usual… but remotely!


These are the CRECWorkshops we are currently offering:


  • Coaches Rebeca Bermúdez y Noemi Martin offer coaching sessions aimed at helping CRECWorkers on a personal and professional level and applying tools to make confinement days less complicated.


  • Cristian Hernández, director at Clica’m, teaches a free web positioning webinar so that your page receives more traffic without resorting to paid solutions. Thus, it will cover topics such as the operation of search engines, the structuring of content or SEO on page.


  • Àlex Lloria, founder of BeonDev, will show the way his team works in real time, the software that they use…


  • Jovita Ponce, founder of Les Pocions de la Jovita, teaches the session “Amb bona cara”, where he will teach how to do a facial self-massage, which will be beneficial for our skin and for our body in general.


  • Susana Alonso, graphic designer, offers InDesign lessons for beginner or advanced levels, Photoshop to prepare photos for your website or text editing in Word.


  • Nicholas Bender, Head of Product of TAPP Water, offers meditation sessions totally for free in English. He does this activity from Monday to Friday at 1:15pm and you only have to click here to join in.


  • Germán Romo, Country Managing Director of Madketing, shares with the entire community the webinars that the company is broadcasting in YouTube. In there, you are going to find some effective action plans to create a good communication plan, convert leads to customers and maximise the ROI. You only have to register in this link.



CRECWorkshops online


More resources for the community


But apart from the actions aimed solely at our community, we are also very aware of the activities that the coworkers of CREC have promoted for their projects and have also wanted to share with us. This is the case, for example, of Netmentora Catalunya, which during these days shares with all entrepreneurs valuable information for their companies, as well as new initiatives in which to form part. A Guide to make a contingency plan, the online fest #DosProfesEnApuros… Endless proposals!

As always, the Community Builders team will be happy to attend to any new proposal that you want to send us. In the same way, we remain attentive to all the needs: a new CREC Connect interview, reviewing the connections made so far… Needless to say, these are difficult days for everyone, but we have no doubt that, if we all take care of ourselves… We can do it!

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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