Dani Mata + Gemma Beltran: Digital marketing for a new concept of emotional well-being

In many cases, people need share their huge business ideas all over the world. And that’s the situation for Quality Of Family Life, a project created by Gemma Beltran which focuses absolutely on people. QOFL tries to extract the best of everybody in their private, family and business scopes. But she wanted to explain her new concept of emotional well-being to a massive public, so she needed an impulse in digital marketing. For that reason, community builders of CREC thought about Dani Mata, consultant in digital and technological transformation.

We have talked with Gemma Beltran and Dani Mata to meet in detail this collaboration and discover what’s the contribution of coworking to their projects. This is one of the more than 550 connections that, up until now, we have been created from CREC Connect since 2018 (in our website, you can see the map with all the connections between coworkers).


Video and pictures by Vera García


Why did you choose coworking as a work system?


Dani: In my case I never had been very supportive in coworking and I was betting on a private office. Now, it changed, I am very clear that my mind has changed. You have a lot of opportunities at a business level, many contacts, connections everywhere…I tried up to 4 coworkings before entering CREC and finally stayed here.

Gemma: I have always worked as a freelancer and had an office at home or, because of my trips, I did not need it directly. But formalizing Quality of Family Life, I saw that it was needed to enter in a different ambient where I could coincide with more professionals. The solitude of the office weighs, and working from home I cannot separate my work life from the personal one. Also, my project is totally social, thus it was not consistent to break it. If you add to that the connections that I have been able to create here, it makes it worthwhile.


CREC said a lot that “This is coworking”, but in this case I believe that is true


And did you expect the experience as you have had it? Or has something surprised you?


D: Coworkings and coworkings exist. They are sites that say that they are, but for me none I am not exactly sure. In a shared space. And CREC said a lot that “This is coworking”, but in this case I believe that is true. The sensation of entering in a space and you are meeting alone with your project, here you don’t have that. The community builders have a community and and they are assured that every new person that enters fit with the rest of the coworkers.

G: CREC has very clear values, and a personal standard that I would say that our coworkers also have. I believe that this understanding makes us work very comfortably. I entered with the hand brake on, but once you start meeting other professionals, you feel that you have their support in here.


Dani Mata CREC Connect


What connections have you had other than those?


D: If we are not the company with the most connections, we will be! We have not stopped having new projects: We are working together with Jaume Roig of Agencia Gourmet, with 080Webs we share about 7 or 8 clients with whom we carry the SEO and they are the technical part, with Pablo Gómez, director of Waltex…New jobs have always come out, big or small. And we have also enjoyed the services of other coworkers. Marcelo Colonna, for example, designed us the whole image of a project. It is very easy to connect with other people by how we are and by our specialty.

G: I’ve also made very interesting connections like uRock, which are very powerful people at the level of emotional management, or with Isidre Turull, CEO of Quartz, who is working on the new Quality message and its commercial impact…and with the interviewer, Marc Parals! He is in charge of giving me a hand with social networks and digital content.


“The idea is to continue working together because the results are very satisfactory, they transmit me a lot of confidence and it is also very comfortable to share the space”


How did your connection occur?


G: The team of community builders of CREC realized that the technical part of my project was very failing. And immediately they thought of them…

D: Yes, the truth is that we even knew badly to tell you, because it was a bit of a disaster. Not because of Gemma, but because it usually happens that when a web goes through many hands, it becomes an important mix. But in about three months, we have managed to fix the web and leave it ready to add content, incorporate the three languages, work on a future marketing campaign

G: Exactly, the idea is to continue working together because the results are very satisfactory, they transmit me a lot of confidence and it is also very comfortable to have them within my reach in the same space.


Gemma Beltran CREC Connect


What would you recommend to a future coworker that enter CREC?


G: For me, it must be clear that it enters a very resolutive space. The community builders team finds solutions for everything, and creates connections almost immediately because they know exactly what each one of us does and they know who can lend a hand. And, in addition, they do not connect by connecting. The synergies are very effective and, even, you intuit with whom we can fit well on a personal level.

D: I agree 100% with Gemma. I think that everyone who enters here must be willing to take advantage of CREC Connect, because it is the differential fact that you contribute. The community builders, as I said before, live up to their name and create community, and that is something very difficult to find. That there are 4 people destined to know each other and strategically think about our connections is a great service and, in addition, very personalized.

Marc Parals


Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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