Decalogue for a sustainable Christmas

In an atypical Christmas and conditioned by the pandemic in which sanity should prevail over outburst, I make a proposal: What do you think is as sustainable as possible?

The holidays are the time of year with more excesses, especially at the level of food and also shopping. So today I bring you 10 tips to practice a sustainable and local Christmas. Because this year, more than ever, your commitment is essential to get out – or at least fight it out of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


#yoregalotalentolocal CREC Coworking

Picture by Imma Mestre (@imma_mestre) for the annual campaign of #yoregalotalentolocal


10 tips for a sustainable and local Christmas


I propose 10 very simple actions to start practicing. Ideally, you should incorporate them all, but you can also make a progressive transformation and incorporate the ones that resonate the most with you at the moment:

1. Avoid Amazon. Yes, we all know that it is very convenient to buy gifts on this platform and have them sent to CREO, but there are many brands that you follow for Instagram that have an online store and that are not an e-commerce multinational. They are small entrepreneurs, like you and me, who try to make a living from their business. Shall we help them out?

2. Go discover your city. We are all concerned with our things or with headphones on and our eyes glued to the cell phone, but have you noticed how many interesting shops there are from your home and until you arrive at CREO? Surely many! What if one day you put your phone in your pocket and stop at the different shop windows? I am convinced that you will be surprised.

3. Presents are meant to surprise. Forget about the shift pajamas of the multinational on duty and think, really, what the other person would like to receive. It takes an extra effort of time and empathy, but I assure you it is worth it. Especially when the other opens the gift and freaks out.


We Love Cats CREC Coworking Poble Sec

7th edition of We Love Cats Market


4. Set up a budget. One of the dangers of Christmas is to start buying ‘randomly’. If you do not want to end up with empty pockets and the account in the red, establish an economic limit of what you want to spend during these holidays. You can do it with a total or assign a budget to each person you want to give as a gift.

5. Choose sustaniable packagings. Whenever possible, try to wrap gifts in recyclable paper. Have you ever thought about how many tons of wrapping paper and boxes we throw out at this time of year? The Japanese furoshiki technique is an elegant and sustainable option for gift wrapping.

6. Recycle everything you can. Cardboard boxes, protective plastic from what you’ve bought, glass bottles, and even the Christmas tree can be recycled. So please, throw everything in the container it touches and take care of the planet.

7. Check the origin of what you buy. It is not the same to buy a product made here, following production protocols that respect the workers and the environment, than to buy a product that is fruitful of labor or environmental exploitation, don’t you think?

8. Go shopping in advance. As much as you can, plan your agenda. This year, e-commerce may explode exponentially. Therefore, to avoid sending the necessary and more CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, try to bring together your orders, especially if they come from the same place.


We Love Cats Market CREC Coworking

7th edition of We Love Cats Market


9. Practice #yoregalotalentolocal. In our town, region or country we have a lot of entrepreneurs and brands that make unique products, in a traditional, respectful and small-scale way. Be original and bet on these types of products to surprise family and friends. You will succeed for sure!

10. Not all presents shall be touchable. Experiences such as trips, dinners or even courses, books or training can be a very good alternative to surprise others. Yes, now it is difficult for us to enjoy 100%, but sooner or later this pandemic will end.


So? Do you dare to practice a sustainable and local Christmas? You just need a little commitment and you win. I assure you that when you put on, many possibilities will open up before you that you haven’t seen until now. Merry Christmas!

Vanesa Carrasquilla

Vanesa Carrasquilla

I’m a journalist and communication assistant for brands, entrepreneurs and companies. I help my customers to generate impact and prestige by appearing in the media. I also design communication strategies and customized content for them. I’m coworker of CREC and an absolutely cat lover. I’m the founder of We Love Cats Market, the first beneficent handmade market in Barcelona which helps the abandoned cats of Barcelona. We celebrate it every November in CREC Poble Sec.

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