The project “Enhanced Reality” has arrived to CREC Coworking

Today, February 4th is World Cancer Day. A very important international day that aims to raise awareness and mobilize society in the prevention and control of this disease.

The reality of this disease is much closer than we might think. Thousands of people suffer from it and face it every day. That is why this day is very important in some calendars. 


The “Enhanced Reality” initiative has come to CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell at the right time. Our Community Builders have been planning this action with the foundations responsible for the project in order to join the initiative and collaborate together in all CREC Coworking Barcelona spaces.


This collaboration has been possible thanks to our Smartbrand coworkers, who have been collaborating with the project for some time and put us in contact with the promoters. A full-fledged CREC Connect!


"Realidad Mejorada"


What does “Enhanced Reality” consist of?


The main objective of this initiative is the construction of a New Hospitalization Area for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, so that the center can become the reference institution in Catalonia in terms of improving hospital conditions for children and adolescents suffering from cancer.


The project is a success both in terms of concept and design, and of course in its implementation. A public-private collaboration between three foundations: Foundation A. Bosch, dedicated to promoting research and the search for medical, biomedical and surgical solutions to children’s diseases; Aladina Foundation, which provides comprehensive emotional, psychological and material support to thousands of children and their families every year, in Spain and other countries; and Small Foundation, in charge of raising private money and working closely with hospitals to help improve children’s oncology services as much as possible. All of them have dedicated their resources to making this initiative a reality.


This remodeling will serve to change not only the appearance of the Pediatric Oncology Unit at Vall d’Hebron Hospital, but also the relationship between patients, families and hospital employees. In addition, the new area will be characterized as a friendly and comfortable environment, where medical treatment, rest and leisure will coexist in a daily and natural way.


The challenge is to achieve an investment of at least 6 million euros to be invested in the construction of 2,646 square meters for the new area, with a completion date of January 2024.


How to collaborate?


The money raised will come, in large part, from the sale of ‘Enhanced Reality’ glasses. But what is so special about these glasses? Well, each one has been designed by one of the children currently in the hospital.


This is where CREC Coworking Barcelona joins in! From our three spaces in Barcelona and Sabadell, we wanted to be part of this beautiful initiative to help children who are in the Vall d’Hebron Hospital.


Community Builders de CREC Coworking


How will we do it in CREC Coworking?


Starting this week we will place some displays that have been sent to us from the project “Improved Reality” in the common areas of the CRECs. Our goal is to inform all coworkers about the initiative and invite them to buy a pair of glasses, which only cost 2€!

Our team is committed and sure that our coworkers will participate without thinking twice!


Because we can’t change reality but we can make it better.

Elena Mullor

Journalist in process to be specialized in digital content. Kind, creative and responsive.

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