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Fix vs. Flex: A battle where everyone wins

Usually, when a potential coworker visits CREC for the first time and decides to join up in our community, an existential doubt arises: “Which tax is better, Fix or Flex?”. The answer of our community builders is always the same: “the best decision will be the one that fits better with your comfort and needs”. For that reason, in this article we will try to help you with this dilemma. Our coworkers explain which are their preferences when they chose between two options that are absolutely complementaries.


Pictures of Vera García


The difference between choosing a Fix seat or prefer the Flex option is so simple: with the first, you always have the same assigned seat, while with the second one you bet for the mobility and the freedom to use any one of the seats marked with a little red figure. Don’t expect more specifications than these. Our community builders will help and connect you by the same way, because as it’s logical, services and quality of the space has to be exactly the same for all our coworkers. For this, we always work for your comfort: we take care of your back -everybody has the same ergonomic office chairs- we light every seat , so we prevent eye strain… In fact, for us the differences are so irrelevant that we try to mix Fix and Flex chairs to make easier the daily connections with more coworkers.


Fix, the most organized and comfortable option


The most valuable aspect for our coworkers about the Fix tax is the comfort to have always the same private space. This thing makes coworkers more contactable in the open spaces of Eixample or Poble Sec. Marcos Guerrero, CEO of IndianWebs, remembers how he lived his welcome to CREC seduced by this option: “We came of a private establishment and Fix model allowed us to have a comfortable installation. We had to move a lot of equipment. Also, our shop was at street level, so the space of Eixample and the situation of our new seats makes our experience really enjoyable, because we can have the advantages of coworking but keeping the spirit of our establishment in Urquinaona”.


“With Fix, we can keep the spirit of a private office, but with all the advantages of coworking”


Beatriz de Vicente, director of Netmentora Catalunya, has a similar experience. With her teammates, she came from a private business center, so the start in a coworking supposed an important change of mentality: “We chose the Fix tax because we work so linked. We give a lot of importance to the relationships between the team, so a fluid communication becomes indispensable. Also, with Fix we can keep the feelings of the private business center but with the features of a coworking space”, explains.

However, not every coworker has his decision as clear as them before to start his career in CREC. Over time, people have new needs that always have easy solutions: maybe a team adds new members, or decides to use keyboards and screens…



That was de situation of Owen Dallison, Operations Manager of Devour Tours, and Lior Schechori, Head Guide in the same company. They came to CREC choosing the Flex option, but after a few months, they decided to bet for a bigger comfort: “When we arrive every morning, we like to see always our own space. We come everyday, we have always the same routine, so our working space results as a second home”, tells Owen. Also, Fix option allows them to work aside: “It’s always so important to have your teammate next, because we need to talk and manage our tasks”, says Lior.

Jean-Paul Devai, Country Manager of EuroPass Spain and Portugal, understands perfectly the experience of Owen and Lior: “We have grown and now we are a team composed of 3 members. Now, it’s basic for us to work always together, so we decided to join the Fix option. It’s really comfortable for us to have always the same seat in Eixample”, describes.


The own name of versatility: Flex


For its part, choose the Flex option allow every coworker to sit wherever they want, in a different place every day, so it makes connections easier because their partners change day by day. Tania Lasanta, mentor for entrepreneurial projects, chose this one “because it’s cheaper and I have a laptop, so i don’t need a fixed installation. Also, Flex seats have nice street views and natural light, so I can seat everyday in a different place to stimulate my creativity and make easier my relationships with other coworkers”, explains.

As we know that every decision is quite difficult, we try always to make things easier. For that, every coworker who has the Fix tax can work as a Flex in Eixample and in Poble Sec. And what happens with the ones who choose the Flex tax? Then, they can obviously also work where they want by the same way.



“It’s a real luxury to work in either of the two spaces whenever we want”


Come to CREC as a coworkers means to be part of the same community, so we don’t make differences between Eixample or Poble Sec. And this is a big advantage for them: “I’m doubly Flex: I benefit from the two spaces and change when I want to break my routine and create a lot of more synergies”, highlights Jaume Roig, co-founder of Agencia Gourmet.

But this feature is also a great positive point for our Fix teams. Lea Anka, content and community manager of Ruby Cup, explains to us how she works with his teammate Hanna Hildenbrand to gain the maximum benefit of two spaces: “Ruby Cup team works as a Fix in Poble Sec, but Hanna and I love to usually go to Eixample. Actually, I live in the center of the city, and when I want to work with more calm, I love to change the space and partners. It’s a real luxury to work in either of the two spaces whenever we want”, concludes. And you, which option would you choose?

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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