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Internal communication, InDesign, time management … The CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell Workshops aim to help companies and freelancers to improve some of their skills in very diverse topics. This is possible thanks to the talent of the coworkers who teach the trainings, which are always free for the entire community. It is one of the many advantages of being a CRECWorker!

Photographs by Vera García

One of the companies that has made the best use of it has been Haddock, the startup in charge of developing the first software that facilitates cost control in restaurants thanks to Artificial Intelligence. The team, installed in Sabadell, chose to take the two Workshops given by Gemma Beltran, founder of Quality Of Family Life, a project dedicated to accompanying people in all phases of their life: Family, education, work, health and time management.


Time optimization

The first Workshop was dedicated to Time Optimization. In this, held at CREC Eixample, the entire Haddock team was present and according to Arnau Navarro, one of the Founders, all the members found possible improvements in their organization: “We have made a personal weekly agenda where we set specific time slots for each of the tasks or sprints that we have. This also allows us to achieve the objectives set and at the time not have distractions that take us away from this goal “.

“We believe that worktime must be very well distributed to be effective and the type of communication to follow must be shared by everyone”.

As Gemma explains, in this CRECWorkshop time thieves are usually explained and a practical exercise was carried out to organize how many hours of rest they do per day, how many are dedicated to work … And the participants saw that they had too little free time . “We believe that time at work must be very well distributed to be effective and the type of communication to follow must be shared by everyone.”

Conflict resolution

The following day at CREC Sabadell, the 3 Haddock Founders repeated the morning of training, but this time on conflict resolution. In this case, the protagonist was the leadership when deciding how we interact with the rest of the team and what language we use with them.

According to Gemma Beltran, you have to involve all areas or departments to involve workers, but she emphasizes that “Haddock was already doing this grassroots work very well.” Arnau Navarro concludes that the workshop was useful to better understand the problems of each one, and he believes that working in small groups is very positive.

“It is important to learn from an experience rather than a theoretical teaching, and leave the prejudices to fully enjoy the dynamics”

Upcoming CRECWorkshops

The CRECWorkshops are one of the initiatives that best allows promoting networking, since it puts in direct contact the companies or freelance trainers and the coworkers “students”. In addition, as Gemma Beltrán says, that they are agile “it is important to learn from an experience rather than from a theoretical teaching, and to leave the prejudices to fully enjoy the dynamics”.

In the agenda of our website, you can find the next CRECWorkshops with such interesting trainings as “Reunionitis”, by Vicente López; “InDesign interactivos”, by Susana Alonso; o “Internal communication as the basis of teamwork”, by Rebeca Bermúdez. Do not miss it!

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