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How have we changed in the last year?

Do you think on a recurring basis lately what you were doing exactly a year ago? Don’t worry, it happens to me almost every day! A year ago we were all confined, CREC Coworking was closed and we were all juggling to spend the whole day at home in the best possible way.

With everything that has happened in the last 13 months, it is inevitable to wonder how we and the society in which we live have changed. While it is true that this is a big topic, here is my reflection on how everything that has changed at CREC Coworking from March 2020 to today.


Judit Haddock CREC Coworking Sabadell


“A year ago we were all confined, CREC Coworking was closed and we were all juggling to spend the whole day at home in the best possible way” 


Online events


CREC Coworking is not just a shared workspace, but a space where synergies are generated and projects of all kinds are developed with an open and collaborative mindset. Community events are essential for networking and encourage knowledge exchange between coworkers. Before the pandemic, the three CRECs had training courses given by and for CRECWorkers and larger events such as the We Love Cats Market and Vadevermut.

In the lockdown of March and April 2020, the Community Builders adapted the CRECWorkshops to digital formats and the response from the coworkers was spectacular. For six weeks, each week we had between three and five online trainings on various subjects taught altruistically. Given the success of the online CRECWorkshops, we decided to keep them until the situation allows them to be face-to-face.

CREC Talks, the number one digital event at CREC, also emerged in the midst of the pandemic. We inherited the Punk Talks from our coworker Josep Darnés and, since May 2020, every month we organize a live one-hour debate in which three coworkers talk about a specific topic.




In order to guarantee the safety of all the people who are part of CREC, we created the CREC Care program. This brings together all the measures taken to comply with current health legislation. It is renewed according to the updates of the authorities and it is an open program, of which coworkers can propose modifications.

Everyone’s adoption of the CREC Care program has been exemplary. Thanks a lot!


CREC Coworking Salas de Reuniones Sabadell


“This change in dynamics has brought to CREC Coworking startups with great potential such as Kubbo, Haddock and Delectatech or marketing agencies such as Smartbrand and Decada Studio”

CREC Connect


In adverse situations, networking is even more necessary. In the last twelve months, connections between CRECWorkers have seen a record acceleration. Previously, many contacts were face-to-face and sometimes did not occur or were not fruitful enough.

During the pandemic, the Community Builders have put their foot on the accelerator and every day there are online connections between coworkers, by mail or by videoconference. CREC Connect is one of the main engines of CREC and brings great value to the community. For this reason, we will maintain the current dynamics and look for new formats such as CREC Talks.


New coworkers


In the second half of 2020 and what we have been in 2021, coworking has attracted new companies and professionals, who see it as a solution for their teams and for their projects. Teleworking has been implemented in record time in Spain, a country that before the pandemic had a very little remote work culture.

Teleworking, understood as working from home, is not a suitable solution for everyone. Thus, coworking has emerged in recent months as a very good alternative for companies to traditional offices and a great option for freelancers and employees to focus 100% on their work in a space with all the comforts.

This change in dynamics has brought to CREC Coworking startups with great potential such as Kubbo, Haddock and Delectatech, marketing agencies such as Smartbrand and Década Studio, freelancers from very diverse sectors and workers from large companies who have found in CREC the ideal place to work in remote.


Decada Studio CREC Coworking Barcelona


“This year has taught us to be more flexible and to adapt to changes effectively and quickly”


New modalities of coworking


During the pandemic, new needs have arisen from companies and professionals that have made us adapt to them as much as possible. At CREC Coworking we have created new rates and modalities to adjust to each project and each person.

For example, we have created Flex Corporate, a modality for companies with which they enjoy all the benefits of coworking without an exclusive space for them. We have also created a recovery plan, which consists of a reduction in rates for the first two years.

Likewise, we have created 10 and 20 day packs for freelancers and professionals with no expiration date, so that they use the coworking space strictly on the days they need it.

It becomes very difficult when we return to the pre-pandemic situation, if in the short term we succeed. What is certain is that this year has taught us to be more flexible and to adapt to changes effectively and quickly. Best of all, our community is more alive than ever and that coworking has established itself as a great option for companies and professionals. Together we are doing it!

Gerard Hernandez

Journalist specialized in corporate communication. Community builder at CREC Eixample. Multi-skilled, curious and always up to help!

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