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How to be more sustainable in the coworking space

Today, June 5th, the se celebra Environment Day is celebrated, a day established by the United Nations with the aim of making environmental degradation visible and claiming the need to preserve and improve our planet. It is true that, in recent times and thanks to activists like Greta Thunberg, governments have put their batteries in this regard and there are more and more policies aimed at taking care of our environment. But what can we do individually to take care of it too? Much more than we think.

For this reason, in this post I propose you some ideas so that you start to be more sustainable, especially when you come to work in coworking.


Cómo ser sostenible en el coworking

Picture by Gerard Hernández


“Working in a shared space like CREC Coworking, one of the first attached to the Citizens’ Agreement for Sustainability, has many advantages”


Working in a shared space like CREC Coworking, one of the first attached to the Citizens’ Agreement for Sustainability, has many advantages and making responsible and sustainable use is up to each of its users. So here are some ideas to make you more sustainable when you’re coworking:

1. Don’t print what you don’t need. Before hitting the print button for a document, I encourage you to ask yourself if you need to have on paper what you have in digital format. Why is it interesting that you wonder? Because many times there are documents that you do not need to have on paper. When you don’t print what you don’t need, you’re saving energy, ink and paper.

2. Take the food in a tupper and do not use disposable cutlery. Yes, it is very practical not to have to wash dishes, glasses or cutlery and to be able to throw them directly in the trash, but it is not sustainable. Especially when they are plastic. In fact, from 2021 they will be banned, so try not to buy food to take to places that use non-biodegradable containers. And if you want to also take care of your pocket, take the tupper from home.

3. Coffee, with a cup. We must declare war on single-use plastic cups. So if you feel like having a coffee from the bar and taking it to you to coworking, go find it with your own cup. More and more people are doing it and don’t be afraid that they will look at you strangely in the bar or cafe where you go to look for him. The world is of the brave! 😉

4. Recycle the boxes of the packages they send you. At the doors of each space there are blue containers where you can throw the cardboard. So don’t be lazy or lazy and when you go, take the boxes and throw them away!


Com ser sostenible a un coworking

Picture by Marc Parals


5. Just use the energy you need. Do you need to have your computer or mobile connected all day long? Probably not. Every time you see they’ve already charged, unplug them. You will be saving energy and consuming only what you need. And remember to turn off your computer when you go home!

6. Turn off the light when you leave a room. Would you leave the lamp in the bathroom or in a room of your house on in eternum? Surely not, right? Well, the coworking lights either, unless the community builders tell you the opposite or if you see that there is someone inside who needs light.

7. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth or hands or scrubbing your dishes. Now that hygiene is more necessary than ever, don’t forget not to waste water. This cross, which is so rare – and so scarce in some parts of the world – must be taken care of and it is the responsibility of each one of us to do so. So remember: Turn off the tap.

8. Separate waste. It only takes 21 days to incorporate a new habit into our day to day life. Therefore, if you have not done it yet, I encourage you to make this one of the first to incorporate, as you can put it into practice at home or in the coworking. Separating plastic, organic, paper, scrap and glass is less complicated than it seems. One tells you that it has 5 different containers at home, one for each fraction, for years!

9. Take a reusable bottle. In all coworking spaces there are TAPP Water filters which you can fill your bottle with. Therefore, do not buy single-use bottles. Your pocket and the environment will thank you. And if you don’t want to use a reusable bottle, you can always take one of the glasses that you will find in the kitchen, right?

How to be more sustainable in the coworking spaceAs Capità Enciam used to say: “Small changes are powerful”. With which of these changes are you gonna start today?

Vanesa Carrasquilla

I’m a journalist and communication assistant for brands, entrepreneurs and companies. I help my customers to generate impact and prestige by appearing in the media. I also design communication strategies and customized content for them. I’m coworker of CREC and an absolutely cat lover. I’m the founder of We Love Cats Market, the first beneficent handmade market in Barcelona which helps the abandoned cats of Barcelona. We celebrate it every November in CREC Poble Sec.

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