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How to upgrade your networking at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell

The world is becoming more and more technological. Society has changed the way it relates to each other and the way it works. And of course, the way of networking between entrepreneurs has also undergone a major change. The COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the reasons why these processes have accelerated and why more and more small and large companies are opting for a more flexible and functional working model.

We live in a networked world full of different options and it has become very competitive. As a result, professionals must master tools, concepts and technologies. This is when networking takes on a greater role and is established as one of the basic elements in relations between companies.


Jean-Paul Devai y Maria Muntaner en CREC Coworking Barcelona

Pictures by Vera García


What do we mean by networking?


Networking can be defined as the creation of a network of contacts with professionals who have similar interests to ours. In other words, it is a strategy for creating workgroups and creating business opportunities. It is a quick and easy way to get in touch with people from all over the world. One of the most popular networking tools today is LinkedIn, as it allows you to create connections based on common interests between various professionals, both nationally and internationally.


“Networking is the creation of a network of contacts with professionals who have similar interests to our own”


Knowing how to network in an organised and effective way allows you to advance your career more quickly and – in many cases – with less effort. It’s a concept that benefits everyone, no matter what sector you work in.

You may be wondering what is the best place to put networking into practice. Undoubtedly one of the most effective is a coworking space, as their philosophy is based on creating a great community. In coworking spaces, you will contact other professionals who can become partners, collaborators and even clients. They are places where synergies are created between coworkers. Expanding our network of contacts requires perseverance and sometimes it can be more complicated than we can imagine. That is why from CREC Coworking Barcelona i Sabadell we want to help you learn how to create effective networking.


1. Chat, participate


To begin with, it is very important to establish social relations with other coworkers. Breaking the ice and leaving shyness behind is a good way to work on your networking. Focusing not only on professional but also on personal issues creates more real bonds between people. Be curious and polite to your coworkers and, ultimately, make a good impression.


2. Make use of the common areas


Most coworking spaces have communal areas, usually kitchens or leisure spaces to escape from the hard work that goes on in them – another good time to strike up a conversation and create a professional connection!


3. CREC Connect


One of the most important features ofCREC Coworking Barcelona i Sabadell is the CREC Connect experience. The Community Builders are in charge of getting to know each coworker through individual interviews. Providing personalised attention, knowing the interests of each professional, allows them to make valuable connections. At CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell, we have already created more than 1,200 fruitful connections!


Los coworkers Carles Tomàs y Valentina Tamiazzo en CREC Coworking Barcelona


4. Attend networking events


What better place to make connections than at a networking event? Many coworking spaces organise events aimed at connecting members of the community. These meetings are another way of networking, as you get to know other coworkers’ projects and get to know your own. This activity requires an investment of time and effort, as it is not just about handing out contact cards, but also about establishing good relationships with coworkers. An example of this are our CREC Talks, moderated by our Community Builder Gerard Hernández.

Moreover, attending these events is a safe bet to increase networking. The Community Builders will help you and recommend you attend events so that you can increase your connections and establish professional relationships with other coworkers with projects related to your interests.


5. Share knowledge and advice


In a coworking space, many kinds of knowledge are ‘moved’. It is a perfect environment to put feedback into practice. Networking is about ‘giving to get’. In terms of advice, making people feel valued is an important part of building relationships. That is why reciprocity is also important.


“Coworking is a perfect environment to put feedback into practice. Networking is about ‘giving to get’”


There is no exact way to network. However, one of the most vital aspects is social skills. Taking the opportunity to bond with people with whom sharing a workspace can mean something more. It’s not just about getting to know a list of people, but something that comes about organically and without forcing – this is the essence of networking in coworking.

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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