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The importance of the Community Builder: This is how Gerard Hernández lives it

To define him, Gerard Hernández makes it very easy for us: he is a crazy goat. Our Community Builder does not know how to be still. When you do not add kilometers on a bicycle, you are organizing CREC Talks or thinking about everything that has to do with communication. But if one thing occupies his time now, it is his adventure as an entrepreneur: a new brand of cycling and running socks.


Video and pictures by Vera García

“Sharing my workspace with so many entrepreneurs has pushed me to start my own business: Cabra Boja Sports”


Gerard started working at CREC in May 2019. After working in a startup, he wanted to work surrounded by people. What he did not know is that these people would be key to start Cabra Boja Sports: “Sharing my workspace with so many entrepreneurs has pushed me to start my own business. Seeing how people come up with an idea and carry it out has been a great boost. Being surrounded by entrepreneurs gives you the motivation and the tools to do it and makes you feel that you can try it too ”

Cabra Boja Sports is a project born during confinement and that has become a school for Gerard: “I wanted to do a master’s degree in sports marketing in January 2021 but I canceled it – or postponed it, I still don’t know – and I decided to set up my own school for digital marketing, business management, communication, web design, etc. With Cabra Boja Sports every day I face challenges and I am learning things that I had not imagined before”, he explains.


Gerard Hernández Community Builder

“Cabra Boja Sports is my own school for digital marketing, business management, communication, web design… Every day I learn new things”


Present every afternoon at CREC Eixample, there he has met different coworkers who have contributed their grain of sand to the project: “Marcos Guerrero, CEO of Indian Webs, has helped me a lot when designing the website, he gave me great ideas and gave plugins and software selflessly. Also Alan Cuadras, CEO of Ecomobi, has helped me a lot in the approach to e-commerce and to be more analytical; And the most important collaboration was with former coworker Giselle Quagliano, designer who created the first collection of socks. We worked together for a month and she is a super professional”, he highlights.

In fact, as a freelancer, Gerard has also been able to collaborate with different projects in the coworking space: “I was the Ecomobi community manager and I am currently working on the Coffeecard project, which I fell in love with from the beginning. It’s been more than a year since Jean-Paul Devai asked me to collaborate with him in the creation of this startup. And it was an honor, because he is quite a personality within CREC. His energy to create new projects and businesses is admirable. His head never stops and that captivated me”.

“Furthermore, Coffeecard will be an app that will boost the coffee sector first in Barcelona and later in many other cities. For this reason, together with the Community Builder, Álvaro Muñoz, we did a market study to investigate the interest of coffee shops, which in the future would become affiliates of the application. Once done, with IndianWebs we design the first website and all the texts. Now I help them with the translations of the new website ”.


Gerard Hernández CREC Coworking Barcelona


“CREC Coworking is the home of those who are part of it”


To create this kind of synergies, Gerard believes that the role of Community Builder is totally different within the coworking ecosystem. “We are the person that all coworkers can turn to for any matter, professional and personal, and the best thing is to be able to meet everyone and have the opportunity to help whoever needs it.”

As a Community Builder, Gerard Hernández considers himself a very accessible, direct and flat and he is clear about why he would choose coworking as a working method: “When I explain CREC Coworking outside the space I always say that a coworking that is only sold as a beautiful and designer space … it won’t be the right place for a project in the long run. We make people feel at home, and when a company or freelancer looks for a workspace they want to feel comfortable, well cared for and be surrounded by professionals like him / her. Being able to always have someone is a great added value and I would recommend coworking because connections of all kinds are generated. CREC is the home of all those who make it up”, he concludes.

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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