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IndianWebs + Álvaro Muñoz: The web programming and web design franchise expands in Sabadell with the seal of a Community Builder

IndianWebs will soon turn 2 years at CREC Coworking. During this time, they have become one of those essential equipment in our day to day. And since last September, they have been so twice: IndianWebs has opened a new headquarters in CREC Sabadell and joins that of CREC Eixample!

Marcos Guerrero, CEO of the franchise, sees in this expansion a great opportunity to continue growing the company and has entrusted the young webmaster Ian Gómez to carry it out. In addition, Álvaro Muñoz, Community Builder, is also a key player in the digital strategy in Vallès.

We spoke to them to find out all the details about this new IndianWebs adventure. It is one of the more than 950 connections that, to date, have been generated from CREC Connect since 2018 (on our website you can see the map with all the connections between coworkers).


Video and pictures by Vera García


“IndianWebs Sabadell se suma a las oficinas de Barcelona (CREC Eixample y Lesseps), Hospitalet, Mataró y Madrid”

Why have you decided to open an IndianWebs office in Sabadell? How many locations do you have in total?


Marcos: We have decided to open IndianWebs in Sabadell because there is an important business network here, both in the Vallès Occidental and in the Vallès Oriental. We know that it is an area with a long textile and industrial tradition and therefore there are many companies to attend to. Currently, despite the situation, everything that has to do with digital marketing, positioning, etc., requires a face-to-face contact and we want to be closer to the client to give them the best service.

In its day we opened an office in Terrassa and we would like to recover. We will also have an office in Terrassa and we would like to recover our presence in this territory. IndianWebs Sabadell joins the offices in Barcelona (CREC Eixample and Lesseps), Hospitalet, Mataró and Madrid.


What do you expect from this new location?


Ian: At the moment, we have already started working with some clients, and we are still at the beginning. In fact, we recently had the landing page and now we also have our personalised Sabadell business cards.

M: We believe that expansion is very important. It means adding knowledge, different ways of thinking … Sometimes you are stuck with your projects, but you talk to a colleague from another office and with a comment it helps you get inspired. It is nice to meet by videoconference and exchange experiences. I think it enriches us.

We also want Sabadell to be a good opportunity for Ian. He was an internship with us at CREC Eixample and there he obtained the know-how of IndianWebs. Now that you know our philosophy perfectly, you have come here with another student and we believe that they convey our values very well.


¿What is the role of Álvaro Muñoz in IndianWebs Sabadell?


M: We met Álvaro at CREC and the feeling was very good. We immediately wanted to collaborate. He gives us very good knowledge at the level of digital strategy and, as the Sabadell office had just been created, he was able to work on its opening. Therefore, he has designed the proposal from scratch and, most difficult, has applied it and has chosen the most suitable means for it to be a success. Also, being such a young professional, I think he is doing a master’s degree with us and we like that a lot.


Álvaro, ¿what does working with IndianWebs bring you?


Álvaro: It has been a very positive experience for me. As Marcos has said, we met at CREC Eixample while I was working as Community Builder. As often happens when you meet so many coworkers, we started chatting and I commented that I came from journalism. Then Marcos asked me to be an editor for the IndianWebs blog. After a while, we agreed that I would lead the digital strategy of the Sabadell office.

What has the collaboration meant for you?


Á: For me it is fantastic. I’m still finishing a master’s degree in digital marketing and everything that is accumulating work experience is very important. It has also allowed me to work with the IndianWebs team, who have a very good atmosphere and a very fluid and enjoyable work dynamic.


Did you expect to have this kind of connection as a Community Builder?


Á: The truth is that not at first. Yes, I had thought that, in the long run, meeting with so many coworkers could lead to some professional contact. But in a period as short as a month, I have been positively surprised by the trust that can be created with a coworker and close a collaboration over coffee.


Community Builder CREC Sabadell IndianWebs


“It is a great success that CREC Coworking does not put a “watchman” at the door, but that there are experts like you”


Both Gerard Hernández and myself are also Community Builders who have collaborated with IndianWebs. Marcos, how do you value these relationships?


M: It’s great. It is a past to be able to speak with someone who is an expert in communication and who, in addition, knows us perfectly. Both on a professional level, because it is part of your work, and on a personal level, since we interact every day. Thus, when it comes to collaborating, it is very fast because no presentations are necessary and we are a stone’s throw away for anything. It is a great success that CREC Coworking does not put a “watchman” at the door, but that there are experts like you.


You also collaborate with other coworkers. Who are they?


M: We have a great collaboration with Nicola Mesken. She is a very good photographer and professional photos add quality to any web page. When we went to Poble Sec, we saw the studio and you introduced us to Nicola, we immediately agreed with her to renew the photos of our team. Now almost every week we pass him a client. We think that it is key to avoid photos with your mobile and take advantage of the impact of your photos, always thought out and with a good message. We attach so much importance to it that if a customer doesn’t want to, we almost force them to make your page work.

Á: Well, I connected with Jean-Paul Devai, CEO of Coffee Card, even before working at CREC. We have known Gerard Hernández for a long time and he put us in touch because Jean-Paul needed a profile like mine. Currently, I continue to collaborate with him and it has been a very positive experience..

M: In fact we also collaborate with Jean-Paul. In addition, we have connected with Laia Ubach from CREC Sabadell, with Waltex and with Netmentora Catalunya, to which we are making the new website.


What do you think about coworking as a working concept?


M: I had never entered a coworking, and I entered with many fears and doubts. But the experience is excellent. Working in an open space without walls, meeting other coworkers … I would recommend it to everyone, and more in the current situation. It is time for shared spaces, for synergies, to have the support of professionals like you… Companies should be open to leaving their private spaces and opening up to collaborate.

I: In my case, I had not been in any other workspace before and I was surprised by the respectful environment. Also make it such an inspiring space. Never before have I worked as hard as I have in coworking.


And what about CREC Connect?


M: It is an amazing concept. Whenever there is a contact, either in person or by email, you unconsciously think: “I don’t think we’ll collaborate.” But when you share the project, you open yourself … Right away you find a lot of items that can lead to a collaboration. And of course, in the end you are weaving a network of contacts in the coworking of great value. It brings a lot to come to work and be surrounded by coworkers who, in turn, have contributed something to IndianWebs.


Marcos Guerrero CREC Coworking Sabadell


“Companies should be open to leaving their private spaces and opening up to collaborate”


And finally, how have you adapted to the pandemic and how has it changed you for the future?


M: The pandemic has brought many changes in society. At the operational level, videoconferencing has provided us. And it is here to stay. Suddenly, from one day to the next, we all download programs to do it and it has brought us very close as a team, but also with the clients. But also, and perhaps it is ugly to say it, it has made us grow as a company, since many of these clients have also wanted to take their business online. They have added payment gateways and have put their products up for sale on the website.

Á: At first, it affected me professionally and academically, but I think we have adapted well. Even being less face-to-face and promoting remote work also streamlines processes and I have optimized time. I think that dedicating ourselves to the digital sector has cost us much less to make the change and we already have it normalized.

I: I totally agree with Álvaro. I think we have learned a lot working remotely, because we have all had to organize ourselves in the way that best suited each of us. And it will surely be key for the future.

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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