Kubbo + TAPP Water: The best same-day delivery for a top startup specialised in drinking water filters

Coworking has become an ideal space for startups to consolidate and grow their projects. Community Builders of CREC Coworking have the mission to contribute to that development. Proof of this is the collaboration created between two startups installed in Poble Sec thanks to CREC Connect: Kubbo, a leading company in same-day delivery experience, and TAPP Water, an innovative startup specialized in the creation of drinking water filters.

It is one of the more than 1,000 connections that, to date, have been generated by CREC Connect since 2018 (on our website you can see the map with all the connections between coworkers). Eric Daniel, CEO and Co-Founder de Kubbo, and Vicky Furque, Supply Chain and Logistics Coordinator, explain how their collaboration and the experience of working together at CREC Poble Sec is being.

Video and pictures by Vera García

“Kubbo want the satisfaction of the customers and workers of TAPP Water with the best Same-day delivery experience in the market” 

What is the goal of your collaboration?

Eric: Kubbo’s commitment with TAPP Water customers and with its own clients is that they are satisfied with our service and offer them the best “Same-day delivery experience” in the market. We have our own technology, which allows us to operate a network of urban warehouses where we store our customers’ stock, prepare shipments adapted to their brand needs and begin to distribute them at Same-day in the main cities of Spain.

Vicky: TAPP Water is a startup based in Barcelona and we sell drinking water filters through ecommerce. Our success is based on the service we provide to our clients. Specifically, in the quick response to adapt to their needs: provide filter replacements on the same day.

How and when did your collaboration start?

E: Before officially entering CREC as coworkers, together with my partner Víctor García we used the space once to discuss strategic issues. When Carles López, Community Builder, showed us Poble Sec for the first time and told us TAPP Water was also there, we were able to meet its CEO, Rocío Alcocer. Then, in September, they introduced us to Vicky and in November the collaboration began.

Sara Baldo CREC Coworking Barcelona

“Having the opportunity to meet someone from the same place, discover how they work, new projects … It seems to me a spectacular advantage in coworking.”

So, did this connection happen before being coworkers?

E: Exactly!

How do you rate this experience?

V: As the person in charge of managing this collaboration from TAPP Water, I can say that it is very easy to work this way. Besides being very friendly, meeting in the coworking allows communication to be very fluid. It’s great to always have Eric, Victor, etc, so close… Kubbo as a team, has been very attentive from the beginning. As soon as we met them, it was clear to us that we were going to work together.

E: In this case, Kubbo we understood what TAPP Water needed. We showed them our vision, how we are helping other brands … And we made a personalized proposal: A Same-day proposal but for specific products and in specific cases. We got it and liked the idea of helping. For our part, we want to help both with current tasks and with new needs that arise in the medium-long term and work with TAPP Water to offer that differential experience.

V: Also, working with Kubbo technology is very simple. Both for me, who manage the inventory, and for my colleague Adriana Sodja, Customer Care manager, who is in charge of the data. Kubbo has the parts our customers request and the Same-day service is excellent.

Do you currently collaborate with any other coworker?

E: We are currently in contact with Smartbrand. We spoke with them for a very specific project so that they could give us coverage in marketing and SEO. The truth is that they are a very interesting project and we are evaluating to see if we can collaborate in the coming weeks.

V: For our part, we were able to collaborate with Oriol Peñalver, Founder of Comunicom. We worked with him on the design of our newsletters and it was also a very positive experience. In addition, we have been able to meet other coworkers with whom, despite not having collaborated, it has been very interesting to establish a relationship.

Kubbo CREC Coworking Poble Sec

“I would recommend coworking to all those startups that, as was our case, are just starting out and want a space where they can grow dynamically”

What do you think about this kind of synergies?

V: With this new normality that we now live in, the personal connection was lost. And for me to maintain that is very important. Having the opportunity to meet someone from the same place, discover how they work, new projects … It seems to me a spectacular advantage in coworking.

E: I think it is a very interesting differential fact. In the end, as a coworking you can offer a pleasant space for the coworker where they can concentrate, work with their teams… And the essence of a space where freelancers and companies coexist is the ease of connecting. Therefore, that CREC facilitates it and not only that, but that it is a priority service for its Community Builders is a very valuable point. Connections are assisted, they are encouraged to do so… And thus, the value is double.

Who would you recommend to work at a coworking space?

E: I would recommend it to all those startups that, as was our case, are just starting out and want a space where they can grow dynamically. Without starting to depend on office rentals, own premises… Because in the end the needs in the first years change a lot and you need that flexibility. For this reason, a space that, like CREC, adapts to your needs and understands your status is of great help.

V: I believe that coworking is a very useful work system for any freelance or small company that needs to create connections, discover new models… It would be a great advantage for them.

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