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LeadIn: Digital marketing taken to another level

Digital marketing is the future. It involves the combination and use of marketing strategies in digital media. Oscar Mascort, CEO of LeadIn, and Susana Luna, Inbound Specialist, have been able to adapt to the opportunity that this digital era offers.

At LeadIn they are experts in creating digital marketing strategies so that the companies they collaborate with, increase their revenues exponentially. One of the most recent examples is their work with Kids&Us, a franchise of English academies, which has allowed them to be awarded after carrying out an omnichannel marketing strategy, which consists of integrating all existing customer service channels, in order to offer a more personalized and accurate attention.

The main working tool of the LeadIn team is HubsPot. And what is HubSpot? In the words of Oscar Mascort: ‘It is the world’s leading platform for creating actions to increase business from digital marketing and sales (…) It offers you the possibility of ordering your contacts, knowing the user behavior, automatic marketing, web analytics, managing your digital advertising,… It’s an “all in one”.

LeadIn en CREC Sabadell

“LeadIn has been specialized in implementing this powerful tool (HubSpot) in companies. Our goal is to empower them, and this is the difference”


What is your main function when you work with a company?


We are 100% specialized in implementing this powerful tool (HubSpot) in companies. Our goal is to empower them, and this is the difference. We focus on companies that don’t want an agency because they have their own marketing team that wants to capitalize on in-house marketing; in other words, they want to do it themselves.

So they tell us that they need us to help them get started and do this power upgrade and get everything up and running. This is where we come in.

What was the strategy with which you won the award?


What we wanted was to generate an omnichannel strategy. That is, we put together the digital channel with the physical one, using HubSpot as the main tool. This means that we first did Inbound marketing and started to cover all the keywords related to the searches that parents do when they detect that their children have difficulties with English. Then, they search for materials, from English stories for kids, English videos for kids,…. We had Kids&Us filter these words. And of course, the blog started to increase its visits considerably. We started to massively capture leads by creating posts and downloadable flyers. And later, we geolocated these leads, and transferred the information in the personal file they have in HubSpot.

All Kids&Us centers celebrate many events during the year, for example: theaters, cooking workshops,…. Very cool things that invite people from the neighborhood to get to know them. This is where we played, we sent all these people that we had on a digital level, an invitation. We were getting them out of the digital plane and into the physical. We’d get them in the door. And when they went home, they would come back into the digital environment and we would follow up with them. What did we do then? We would contact them with messages about classes and activities; and in the last phase, we would offer them a visit to meet the workers. The strategy consisted of following up with the person until they became a student, using HubSpot, which is the software that automates the whole process.

‘Digital marketing is social science, we’re trying to get people to buy something and/or notice something. And it doesn’t have to work with all people equally, because we are random.’


Oscar Mascort y Erica Sastre,de la agencia de marketing digital LeadIn


“Our strategy consists of covering from the moment the person has not started the decision process until he/she concludes it, and here is the difficulty”


In terms of communication for the strategy…


Kids&Us is a brand that has a great communication department and with the topics of branding, design, etc, very well structured. They are very aware of design issues and brand differentiation. They try to empathize with the child and use a very specific vocabulary. We wanted to give them an upgrade, to make their strategy more sophisticated (if you can call it that). Especially the funnel part, which most companies don’t cover very well. Our strategy consists of covering from the moment the person has not started the decision process until he/she concludes it, and here is the difficulty.


And about the methodology you use


It is called Data Driven, and it is based on promoting a strategy and within it to find control paths, key points. With this data you make decisions, ‘if one doesn’t work, I change it’. I always say that digital marketing is social science, we try to get people to buy something and/or look at something. And it doesn’t have to work with all people equally, because we are random.


What role do intelligent websites play in this process?

Intelligent websites are all about marketing according to user behavior. You and I are interested in the same product, but I have decided to buy it and you are still deciding whether to buy it. If I receive a newsletter, I might see: ‘10% discount if you buy it now’, and you might see: ‘Do you want to attend a webinar and get more information? It all depends on the decision point the user is at. How do I know where you are? This is the most complex part, because we are random.


LeadIn en su oficina de CREC Sabadell


“We add a point of affection to CREC customers, because we are all in similar situations, we struggle together.”


How has CREC Coworking helped you?


We joined three years ago, since our birth. They have allowed us to be flexible, they have always been by our side, we are very grateful. The connections have helped us a lot. Having CREC clients is a huge responsibility because we are ‘neighbors’. They are people you come across in the facilities. We add a point of affection, because we are all in similar situations, we struggle together.


Three years ago, what did you expect from CREC, and has it lived up to your expectations?


It has more than met expectations. We didn’t expect so many connections, frankly. We were among the first in CREC Coworking Sabadell, and we have a huge room for us, it’s fantastic. There are points of improvement and non-improvement, as in any place. But we expected less, it has really given us more than we think in terms of support, connections; they were flexible with the pandemic issue….


Do you expect to be at CREC much longer?


If they can continue to adapt to our needs, yes. I think if we grow and get success stories it is also linked to coworking. It feeds back, CREC helps many companies and that benefits both of us.

It is a time of recovery, people are eager to work again. There is motivation for new projects, it is a wave of opportunities for us.

Elena Mullor

Journalist in process to be specialized in digital content. Kind, creative and responsive.

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