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We love that our coworkers have enjoy every corner of CREC, but we also like to share with them the whole world. Because, we rent our rooms so that anyone can organize their events and training.

Training room in Sabadell

Are you looking for a classroom for your presentations, classes or workshops? You can meet in each of our three centers. Check our rooms to see which one best suits your needs.


› 60m2 space
› Capacity: 40 people with table and 60 people without table
› Board and HD projector
› Rate: 30€/hour

*Ask us about our hour packs.

Why impart your training in coworking

Organize your events in our shared working space gives you a lot of positives things.

Impart your training in a totally equipped and adaptable space for your necessities.

It has our kitchen and relaxation spaces to give greater quality to the experience.

You connect to our WiFi + 600 Mb internet high availability.

Enjoy all of our resources at your fingertips: printer, photocopier, water machine

Give visibility to your training project within our community of more than 250 coworkers.

Consult the benefits of collaborating with our partners in services like catering, training or business dynamics.

Meeting rooms in Sabadell

If your thing is to hold meetings to present your projects, chat with your team and give or receive private lessons, we make it easy for you. Our meeting rooms always have the doors open for everyone.


Sala de reunion Hawkins

› 11m2 space
› Capacity: 6-8 people
› 50 inch screen and whiteboard
› Rate: 15€/hour

*Ask us about our hour packs.


Sala de Reunion Nostromo

› 11m2 space
› Capacity: 6-8 people
› 50 inch screen and whiteboard
› Rate: 15€/hour

*Ask us about our hour packs.

Rooms for conferences, fairs and events in Sabadell

And if you have a big event to organize and you would like to celebrate it in our spaces, the characteristics in CREC Sabadell allow you to provide our large rooms only for you.


Nave Tardis

› 400m2 diaphanous space
› Maximum capacity of 250 people
› Rate: 100€/hour*

*Ask us about our hour packs
*Only possible to reserve during the weekend or holidays.


Cafeteria CREC Sabadell

› 100m2 space
› Capacity: 80 people
› Fridge and coffee house
› Rate: 50€/hour*

*Ask us about our hour packs.

Other spaces that are interesting

If you have been in our rooms and you want to become part of our community of coworkers, these options are made for you.


CREC + Netmentora

Accompany work with a team of community builders, connect with more than 250 professionals and the management of a private space.


Oficinas Sabadell Clica'm

Enjoy with your company all of the advantages of coworking while preserving the confidentiality of a private office in a collaborative environment.

Come and visit us in CREC Sabadell

Reserve a date now with one of our community builders and check rates and availability of our meeting and training rooms in Sabadell.

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CREC Coworking Sabadell: Carrer del Sol, 62. 08201. Sabadell.

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