New coworkers for the month of May at CREC Coworking!

The Community Builders of CREC Coworking Barcelona are always ready to meet new freelancers and companies to make CREC Connect. Discover the additions of CREC Poble Sec, CREC Eixample and CREC Sabadell during the month of May 2022.


INTK is a Dutch digital marketing agency specialized in working with cultural companies and non-profit organizations. They manage the Google Ad Grants, which allow these companies to have 300€ per day to invest in their SEO. Andrea Llamas is the Team Leader and Project Manager of INTK in Spain and together with her colleagues Natalia and Pola is always looking to help new organizations.

INTK en CREC Eixample

INTK and Remotto companies join

CREC Eixample


If you are a fan of video game consoles, you have surely seen your controller run out of battery at the worst moment. That happened to Alex Pemán and Xavi Olaechea, so they decided to create Remotto Battery. It is an accessory that extends the life of PS4 and PS5 controllers, and they are now working to expand their product catalog. They have already launched their own headphones, and we will be very attentive to all their news. Together with Charly and Xavi, they form a great team at CREC Eixample.

Remotto Battery en CREC Coworking

Ni Ha Kwok

Ni Ha is the owner of Le Bistrot de Christobal, a bar-restaurant located 1 minute away from CREC Eixample, where we can find her breakfast offers and a great lunch menu. There we can find her breakfast offers and a great lunch menu, but that’s not all for CREC Coworking coworkers! Ni Ha offers us loyalty cards so that out of every 9 coffees or menus, the tenth one is free. Without a doubt, it is going to become an indispensable place for our entire community.

Ni Ha Kwok en CREC Coworking

Ni Ha Kwok has brought us our new trusted bar:

Le Bistrot de Christobal

Gonzalo Figueroa

Gonzalo is a software developer by training and profession, but now works on his own. He is a specialist in Growth Framework and manages four projects that he started and that are connected to each other: Pymes Power Hub, ClickOnline, MyWChannel and Encuesta Total. An all-rounder coworker who, after the deconfinement, wants to live as a digital nomad… And he will do it for sure!

Gonzalo Figueroa en CREC Eixample

Sandra Jaramillo and Gonzalo Figueroa, a new Argentinean tandem at

CREC Coworking Barcelona

Sandra Jaramillo

Sandra works remotely for the company Emblue, a solution that integrates all customer communication channels into a single platform. She is a digital marketing specialist and, in parallel to her work, she is also a lecturer at Barcelona Activa talks. Like Gonzalo, Sandra never stops traveling and is looking for her next destination. We are lucky to have her at CREC during her stay in Barcelona!

Sandra Jaramillo en CREC Eixample

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Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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