Nexus Clips, the must-have tool for streamers

Nexus Clips is the platform that allows content creators to viralize the best moments of their broadcasts, adapting them to vertical format, and publish them – all in one!

The team, formed by Albert Osuna (CEO), Mohamed Said (CTO) and Randy Esperben (COO), has created a system with AI that selects the highlights of a stream so that a content creator can have his best plays, the best moments of the live stream, etc.

Headquartered at CREC Coworking Barcelona and Sabadell, today Albert Osuna, CEO of Nexus Clips, tells us more about this essential platform for streamers in this interview.


La startup Nexus Clips instalada en CREC Coworking


“Understanding the user, knowing what they like, what they don’t like; what is useful and what is not, is key for us”


What is Nexus Clips?


Nexus Clips is a tool for streamers, that is, for content creators on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook… especially Twitch, that allows them to grow. That’s the ultimate goal, for streamers to grow.

How do we do it? By making their content known to new people every day. Why is that? Because on Twitch, and on streaming platforms, it is very difficult for people to know you, for people to find you. It’s easy to generate a community that is with you every day, but it’s very difficult for new people to get to know you. Where can people get to know you the most? On social networks. So what does our tool do? Well, it does three things: first, it detects the best moments of your live broadcasts with the help of Artificial Intelligence; second, it allows you to edit and convert the videos to mobile format. When you consume content on the computer, you do it in horizontal format; our platform adapts that horizontal content to a vertical format. And thirdly, it allows you to schedule publications on social networks. This way, you forget about it. In the end, for each daily clip that they would have to publish on TikTok, Instagram Reels,… they would have to spend about 50 minutes a day, taking into account that you have to choose the moment, see at what point in the 5-hour broadcast something funny or interesting has happened, download it, edit it, send it to the mobile, publish it,…

We reduce those 50 minutes or an hour to 3 minutes. And on top of that, it allows you to do it all at once, you can schedule the publications for the whole week and forget about it.


In scheduling, can you choose the times and days, or is it automatic?


You can choose, you have absolute control over your content. This is more for the ‘small’ streamers, because we help them to slowly start to become more known by people, and this plan has a cost of five euros per month. Obviously we have a free version, which has a watermark and some functions are not active; and the PRO version that costs five euros per month, which is the one I just explained.


At the same time, for the big streamers, for those who already make a living from this and earn a lot of money, it is a tool that helps them to get to know new audiences (even though many people know them), we do the same thing but in a ‘service’ format. That is, you do absolutely nothing. The tool takes care of everything, choosing the clips, editing them and publishing them on your social media profiles. Basically we guarantee that every day you will have a publication of a very good and well edited clip; there is also a human factor here, which can include zooms and a little more advanced editing. We guarantee that every day we post to your Tik Tok, Instagram Reels and other accounts. So that’s 90 posts a month.

With this, what we have achieved is that the average multiplies x5 the views they had before. That is, if you between Twitch and YouTube have one million views per month, then with us you have between five and fifteen million. And we charge the big streamer between 100 and 250 euros, depending on the service he wants to hire.


What is it like to work with AI, have you done it before?


We should ask Moha, who is the CTO. But it’s true that in the end AI is a very broad concept. It’s like if you play a video game, for example in a war game, if you are close to the target the character shoots with the gun and if he is far away he throws a grenade. (Heck) it’s intelligent. Well, there are algorithms that ‘if it is further away than x’ it does one action or another. From this, which is not AI, to facial recognition, to sentiment recognition in text, because we also use Twitch chat.

People write, they react to what is happening in the live stream and this is when we detect what feelings they are showing, we pick up all this interaction; the streamer’s movements, what is happening on screen… And with all this, what we do is predict what moment is going to work best in networks.


Regarding the human factor that you mentioned before, is it only for people who do contribute a monetary amount?


Yes. In the free version you have an online editor. In the PRO version, which is five euros a month, you have the whole tool, but you use it. For big streamers we have the service, which is when our manual work comes in, and you as a streamer forget about everything. You don’t have to do anything. Here we have very important clients, many of the biggest streamers in Spain use us, especially League of Legends. The Neymar of EA Sports, who is Rekkles, who is very well known, works with us. Of all the biggest clubs in Spain that have streamers, like Barça, at least one of their players works with us.


And do you have many customers today?


We have many small streamers, tens of thousands. Large ones, there are no tens of thousands, there are very few. We do have large streamers, but obviously you can’t compare it with the volume of small streamers.


Do you work only with streamers or also with companies?


We were recently contacted by two very large clubs. I’m talking about an EA Sports video game club, which many people think are four geeks, but no, they are very big sponsorships with Movistar, and more. Well, two of them contacted us to offer the service we offer to the big streamers, to offer it to their own streamers. That is, they will pay us and we give our service to their streamers. It makes them increase the visibility of the club a lot. We are starting to work on this now, but nothing is closed, so this part does not exist yet.


On your website you can see the ‘demo’ section, is it for potential customers to do it or is it a video showing how it is done?


Exactly, it shows you what the editor looks like. When you click on it, the editor opens. On small computers, like the ones we usually have, it looks pretty bad because it is made for large screens, like the ones used by streamers. It is simply so that, before registering, you can see what the editor looks like.


El Founder de Nexus Clips en CREC Eixample


“We reach out to all these streamers who aspire to reach the top, like kids who want to be soccer players, because the great streamers have Nexus Clips branding on their videos”


Do you have customer support?


Yes, we have a chatbot and a chat on Discord that you can join and ask whatever you want.


And when someone contacts you, it’s you (the team) who get in touch with people, isn’t it?


Yes, in fact it’s something super important for us. It’s not so much about money, but because it’s key for us to understand why they use us, why they don’t use us. In fact, right now, of the streamers who pay us five euros, we are investing between ten and fifteen euros (which we pay them) so that they can explain to us why they signed up for the service, how they got to know us… Some of them tell us ‘because of an ad’ and we want to know what that ad said, why they decided that we fit with him or her. This part of understanding the user, knowing what he or she likes, what he or she doesn’t like, what is useful and what is not, is key.


How many people make up the Nexus Clips team?


Let’s see, there are more of us here. We work with external companies, for example for the financial part. At the development level, together with Moha who is the CTO, for everything we do dedicated to development, we always look for freelancers who are very good, who are usually from abroad. For example, to add a feature, instead of hiring someone, we test small features with four different freelancers and the one we like the most, we continue to count on him or her for future projects or features. Instead of paying 2,000 a month, I spend a hundred, a hundred, a hundred and a hundred, and the one I like I just pay the rest up to 800 or 1000€.


How do you deal with advertising?


That’s the most important thing. Now we are changing the whole model because, as I explained, we charge the big streamer and the small streamer. What happens? For the big streamer, the value we bring may be 8M hits per month, and he only pays us between one hundred and two hundred euros per month. And here we say, if the streamer does not monetize with TikTok but with Twitch, what we propose is: if you do not give so much value to your TikTok, how about if I do not charge you, but in exchange you let me put my watermark on your TikTok? And we got it, 80% of customers use this way now.

People may think that we lose money, and yes, but we managed to reach a huge audience, a lot of small streamers that there are 10M around the world. We reach all these streamers who aspire to reach the top, like kids who want to be soccer players, because the big streamers have Nexus Clips branded on their videos.


Did you notice the increase in streamers with the pandemic?


Yes, in fact the number of streamers worldwide has multiplied by 3.


You use the TikTok format of vertical videos, what do you think of this platform?


It seems to me a platform with a recommendation system that I could consider the best and the worst. Why? Because when I enter TikTok, I don’t leave, but why don’t I leave? Because it’s very well done, they know better than me what I like. They know at what time I enter and at what time I’m going to leave, and then when I’ve been on for 45 minutes and I’m going to leave the application, they put a video of what I like the most so that I stay longer. This part is bad, because it makes you waste time, but in terms of entertainment I think it’s great.

The concept is very simple, as the videos are so short, you consume many videos every hour. That allows the content creator to become very well known and have a lot of views. All this without getting into ethical issues of whether it’s okay to get hooked and so on. But if we don’t live, in the end video games also have this addictive component, even work sometimes.


Have you thought about collaborating in any way with TikTok?


Yes, but we haven’t taken the step yet. (Laughs)


Do you think that gaming, streaming platforms, Twitch, will grow?


What I do is based on data. I’m not a magician and I don’t want to be, but I see that this is getting bigger and TikTok, social networks, Twitch and streaming are making more and more money. But what’s more, Google and Meta have made a very strong bet, because they have incorporated the TikTok format to YouTube and Instagram has created Instagram Reels. What does this tell me? If Google and Meta are betting?


As for connections at CREC Coworking….


We haven’t had any connections. Because when we joined CREC we came from the accelerator Lanzadera, and we were a bit overwhelmed and we preferred to focus on work. It is true that now we are more open, but what we do is so specific that collaborations with third parties are really complicated for us.

In fact we get along very well with other streaming companies and more, like Remotto, Álex Pemán is a long time friend of ours, and yes we have talked about doing something sometime but no collaboration as such has ever arisen.

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