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by CREC Coworking

We created Open Corporate after analyzing the needs of small and medium companies. A coworking concept specially designed for teams of between 4 and 30 people who want to enjoy the flexibility and dynamism of working in a coworking.

Increasingly, small and medium enterprises decide to work in a more innovative and collaborative environment. This type of user of our coworking wants to satisfy specific needs but, in many cases, thinks that working from a coworking space means giving up the possible advantages of the office. Thanks to the Open Corporate, this is no longer the case.

The best of coworking and your office

With the Open Corporate modality we offer you all the advantages of working in a large open space of coworking without losing the privacy of an office.

Fixed position for teams of 4 to 30 people.

Customization of the space with the logo of the company and the brand image.

A thousand and one resources: lockers, printer, photocopier or collection of packages.

A large community of more than 250 professionals. Join up!

Accompaniment and advice from our community builders.

A lot of hours packs per month for meeting and formation rooms included.


Also, enjoy the advantages of working in a coworking

Establish collaborations adding value to your business and leaded by our team of community builders.

Forget about the management of your own private office: supplies, rent, maintenance…

Work or use the rooms of any of the 3 spaces whenever you want: in Barcelona or Sabadell.

Companies working at our OPEN CORPORATE


Pay only for what you really need

[qode_pricing_tables columns=”three_columns”][qode_pricing_table title=”OPEN CREC EIXAMPLE” title_color=”#ffffff” title_background_color=”#000000″ price=”700*” currency=”€” price_period=”*for 4 people teams.” content_background_color=”#ffffff”]

  • 4 people: 700€ / month
  • 6 people: 945€ / month
  • 12 people: 1.200€ / month

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”OPEN CREC POBLE SEC” price_font_weight=”400″ title_color=”#ffffff” title_background_color=”#000000″ price=”600*” currency=”€” price_period=”*for 4 people teams.” content_background_color=”#ffffff”]

  • 4 people: 600€ / month
  • 6 people: 750€ / month
  • 10 people: 1.000€ / month

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”OPEN CREC SABADELL” price_font_weight=”400″ title_color=”#ffffff” title_background_color=”#000000″ price=”483*” currency=”€” price_period=”* for 4 people teams.” content_background_color=”#ffffff”]

  • 4 people: 483€ /month
  • 6 people: 603€ /month
  • 10 people: 804€ /month


* All our rates do not include IVA. From 10 people, in CREC Poble Sec and CREC Sabadell, the rate is 100€ per person per month.

Other spaces that may interest you


Oficinas Sabadell Clica'm

Private offices in Barcelona and Sabadell that guarantee total confidentiality while working in a flexible and dynamic environment.



Book our rooms also in Barcelona or Sabadell to present your projects to future clients, team meetings or host private classes as you want.

Request more information

Write us and one of our community builders will contact you as soon as possible.

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