Open Corporate: all the advantages of an office in a coworking

Coworking is a model of work that evolves and adapts every day to all needs. In our working spaces, we can find since self-employed workers or digital nomad freelancers to little and medium-sized companies. We also have members of big enterprises that, despite of having a central office, decide to work in an innovative and collaborative environment. Every coworker wants to satisfy different needs but, in many occasions, choose one of them means to refuse other advantages.

Thinking about the pros and cons of the different options, we found a new mode: the Open Corporate, the best way to have all the advantages of working in a big and diaphanous space without losing the privacy of an office.


The best of a coworking and your office


In CREC, we have more than 20 workers living in our open coworking space sharing it with other coworkers. In a lot of cases, their companies bet for relegating some aspects as the privacy, the possibility of having meetings in their own tables or the identity of their brand to win a big number of interaction and connections with the rest of the community. And that, in our experience, has a bigger chance to produce with the new Open Corporate mode that in a closed office.

With this new mode, we go a step further with this concept to answer the demands of our coworkers. While the common spaces like the Cafe or the relaxing sales make the connections easier, we think that these are best when they are produced hour by hour. Because of that, we decide to create a new mode for the CREC members with a wide range of options:


Advantages of Open Corporate


  • Dispose of an own island of tables as a company. When you are in the open space, your possibilities of creating connections with other coworkers raise, but you keep the direct interaction in the tables with your own team.
  • Keep the privacy with your team. The space is large enough, so the groups of tables can have small format meetings. You can have team meetings in the open space without disturb to the rest of the coworkers, including the use of a whiteboard to complement it.
  • Special pack of hours for the rooms: we understand that not all the meetings can be in an open space. For that, we offer you a bigger number of hours for the rooms to satisfy your needs.
  • Identification in the open space with your brand. If your table zone is a separate and dedicated space, ¿Why don’t you put your image?
  • All the advantages of a coworking and the personalized attention of our communitybuilders, who work to connect you with other coworkers, make your stay easier and avoid any concern.



The experience so far


Actually, we have 5 companies that want to make the most of CREC using the space, concentrating their teams in an island of tables and workers. For this reason, we see that is possible and our customers feel surprised with all the advantages of this new mode.

The challenge is to find a balance between your needs, our services and the prices that we offer. For this, it’s important to evaluate how much privacy do you need, how many connections do you want to create… and choose after that study. Maybe you will not choose well at the first time, but we can always find some alternative. And in the worst case, coworker world will satisfy your need in a short time.


To work with the Open Corporate mode, it’s necessary to display some specific features that CREC Poble Sec and CREC Sabadell can give to us because of its wide open coworking space, its mobility and adaptability.

Carles López Parals

Director | He drives the orchestra, he’s in everything and always with a smile. His closeness is part from our trademark.

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