Our team


A team of community builders focused on expanding your network of contacts and generating valuable collaborations to contribute to your professional development and your project. Visit us and we will explain yo all we can do for you.

Equipo de community builders: Roman

– CEO –

He built CREC even before it existed. Of great ideas and brilliant mind, he’s confident and proud of his team.

Equipo de community builders: Carles

– Director –

He drives the orchestra, he’s in everything and always with a smile. His closeness is part from our trademark.

Equipo de community builders: Alfredo

– Community Builder –

Audiovisual producer, writer and photographer with a special vision and style when detecting the story of a synergy.

Equipo: Marc

– Community Builder –

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

Equipo: Elena

– Community Builder –

Journalist in process to be specialized in digital content. Kind, creative and responsive, you will find her in CREC Eixample!

Equipo: Roger

– Community Builder –

He is the youngest Community Builder in CREC Coworking. You will find him every afternoon in Sabadell always with a smile on the face.

Aida Lopez Community Builder CREC Coworking Barcelona

– Community Builder –

You can always enjoy of great talks with her. She is the most unpredictable Community Builder of the team: you never know in which CREC space you will find her.


– Community Builder –

She is a must in CREC Gràcia. If you want a good -and long- discussion or you need to manage an event, she is the right one!

Equipo de community builders: Marta

– Comunication & marketing –

The one that talks here, in Twitter, Facebook or in the newsletter. She gives voice to CREC because someone had to tell the world.

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