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App Passport By Nexudus CREC Coworking

Passport by Nexudus, coworking in your hands

Nexudus is the number 1 “white label” platform in the world for the comprehensive management of coworking spaces. Since 2014, it is the tool that we use CREC Coworking, both community builders and coworkers, to centralize the management of our centers.

Community builders make our daily lives easier, since it gives us access to all the data of coworkers, collaborators, contacts and ex-coworkers and works as a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) platform. Simplify as much as possible the management of three coworking with more than 250 people.


Nexudus CREC Coworking

Picture by Marc Parals


During the weeks of confinement, we decided to step forward and modernize CREC management by adopting the Passport by Nexudus app. This free app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, functionalities together simply, quickly and intuitively on your smartphone.

Sporadically, some coworkers had told us about an issue with the Nexudus website in terms of accessibility and interface (the previous version of the current one was a bit old). At the same time, more and more companies and professionals in our community value flexibility, even more with the post-Covid situation. That said, we saw in the Passport by Nexudus app an agile, effective and accessible tool that both coworkers and community builders could use wherever and whenever.


What can CRECWorkers do to Platform by Nexudus?


App Passport By Nexudus


1- Book meeting and event rooms

In just three clicks you can book the meeting rooms of CREC Eixample, CREC Poble Sec and CREC Sabadell. Easier and faster than ever.


2- Contact other coworkers

Passport by Nexudus incorporates a directory with all the people who are part of the CREC Coworking. You can see what project they are working on, access their website and, thanks to the tags, what their specialty is. Also, you can send him a private message and start a Zoom video conference from the app itself.


3- Access discounts and promotions

As a member of CREC Coworking you enjoy multiple discounts and promotions on various products and services. Most of them are offered by coworkers and CREC partners. You can find them all in the blog section of the app, where community builders also publish information of interest to coworkers.


4- Schedule CREC events

CRECWorkshops are workshops taught by coworkers for coworkers. They are a great opportunity to connect with the community, share knowledge and learn. Now you can see all the events organized by CREC Coworking, online and in person, in the events section.


You can watch our tutorial to see how Passport by Nexudus works:


Gerard Hernandez

Journalist specialized in corporate communication. Community builder at CREC Eixample. Multi-skilled, curious and always up to help!

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