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Privacy and coworking: They all in one offer our offices

The community builders of CREC, we love to see how our coworkers work in a free space for coworking. Over here, each one develops their own project alone or in a team, and has a mountain of professionals in their corner to always ready to have a connection and create new synergies. But they are not the only ones that make the most out of their connections.

We also really like to see how teams that go to work in dispatches and private spaces adjust to entering one of our offices. With this, they combine settling in a reserved site for people but take advantage of all the advantages of CREC Connect. For this reason, and giving free rein to our part more ¨geek’’, we decided to bet on them in Eixample with Gru, Bob, Stuart, Kevin and Tyrion, while that we have incorporated in Poble Sec with Daenerys, and in Sabadell with Joey, Phoebe, Monica and Chandler. Do these names sound like something?



If a team of coworkers is synonymous of offices for us, this is without a doubt the Pla Estratègic Metropolità de Barcelona (PEMB). Essentially since the inauguration of CREC Eixample, until then they have been working in an office that with the pass of time had stayed small. Also, it supposed ones of the fixed costs (printers, water source…) that could not be optimized in any way. Because of this, coworking was considered to be a good alternative.


“Entering a coworking space offered us freedom from all management problems, we focus on our project and expand the plant”


David Rodríguez, technical secretary of PEMB, explained why they made this decision: “For us, entering in a coworking allows us freedom from all management problems, we focus on our project and expand the plan if it was necessary. We choose our offices because we are an organization with a trajectory of almost 30 years, because of that we need to store our material. The proximity of CREC Eixample with our back office and one visit was very inspirational in Poble Sec they decided to balance.

Also, the people of PEMB take the most advantage of the offices inside of coworking: half of the team is installed like Fix since it’s an open space, while that is right David alternated the office with a Flex site, when working very relaxed. This must be how everyone is CREC Workers, they are or are not in the office, they are working like Flex in whichever our three spaces in Catalonia: Poble Sec, Eixample and Sabadell. Yes, they can enjoy the ambience of different work when they are wish…and enjoy a little of the same business partners.


Oficines Eixample PEMB


“An office that we allow to work with confidentiality for talking with their clients and to stock information”


The privacy of the the hour of stock material and confidential documents is very valued for many coworkers that are decent for the offices. In the case of the team of Logical Construct, that work in an application for extracting financial derivatives contracts. Paul Kelly, the founder, highlights: “Confidentiality is important for our clients. We work with global teams for tele/video conference and inside of the office does not bother us or other people that are working in the same space“.

People of Clica’m team lived a similar situation with our new offices in Sabadell. Cristian Hernández, the Director, explains how is being their experience there: “Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I started my project at home for a short time,  but our team grew up and we needed a bigger space. We were working in a private office shared with two more projects, but that was not what we expected. Now, we feel so expectant with our experience in a coworking space“.

It should be noted, but, that in many occasions our coworkers enter CREC without having a decision taken, or going experimenting new necessities over time. It’s frequent to try an open zone and then move to the office, or go the same way in reverse. Jaume Salamó, director of RCL Consulting, was fulfilled with the first option: “So much of our team I liked to try an open zone, but we like to be something more collected. Yes, we have greater privacy to protect information and talk about things.”


Oficinas Poble Sec Daenerys


“We carry CREC since 2015 and it has given us a lot of good things: support, contacts, a great space and all kinds of collaborations”


But if we have one of our coworkers that take advantage, for years, all of our options that CREC has to offer, they are the girls of Ruby Cup. After entering Fix in Poble Sec and pass work with the Open Corporate modality, they decided to take an office in CREC Eixample for locating a project that it does not stop from believing. Amaia Arranz, COO & Social Impact Director of the company, it explains how growing up, “I returned to Kenia and we hire four new people…so that we no longer are on the island of tables at Poble Sec. Yes, we would want to follow in CREC, so were interested in an office. We came here since 2015, when Julie Weigaard and I call ourselves to Barcelona, and we have doubted many good things: support, contacts, a cool space and a perfect source for all types of collaborations“.

It is clear that working in an office within a coworking is an increasingly south after option. Especially for teams that want to combine two experiences in one and/or working with private data. Because, as always, it is best to visit the space with a community builder, try the different alternatives and check which option best suits each need at each moment.

Marc Parals

Marc Parals

He transmits calm and maintains order in CREC Eixample. If you need moral support or a little help, you just have to ask for it.

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