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Rebecca Warden, an essential coworker in CREC Poble Sec

Rebecca Warden is the Director of International Correspondents in Education, a company that provides writing, editing and translation services for international organizations. With more than ten years of experience, the ICE team seeks to meet the language needs of many international organizations, such as UNESCO, European agencies and NGOs, focused on working in social fields such as education, training, conservation, labor market and many other areas. They offer a personal service to help enhance the impact of these organizations’ activities and showcase their experiences in the best possible way.

Rebecca has been part of the CREC Coworking Barcelona i Sabadell community since 2014, one year after it was founded. She is a full-fledged CRECWorker, and today she tells us a little more about her project.


Rebecca Warden


“Our team works with people we have been collaborating with for more than 15 years”


What does Rebecca Warden do? Tell us more about your project?


I have a small business in which we primarily provide writing, proofreading and translation services for international organizations. Of these three services, people almost always tend to leave out translations. In fact, it’s what we deal with the least; what we do the most is writing and proofreading. It should be noted that what we do most is writing and proofreading. We don’t like the label that we are a translation company.


Who makes up the ICE team?


I have always worked remotely with a colleague, she works from home and I work from CREC Poble Sec, although we also have a whole team of collaborators, made up of people we have been working with for 15 years. We work in a core or main group of collaborators, who can be located in different countries. We try to have a good relationship with them, especially if they are good professionals, and we treat them with a lot of respect. They are mostly self-employed and we hire them for specific jobs. They are self-employed professionals and we contact them when we need their services.


What areas and/or sectors do you work in?


We mainly work on social issues such as: science, environment, education, governance, anti-corruption,…. And we are increasingly looking to address other development issues in areas such as health and economics.


How are these works and/or projects carried out?


Much of the work and assignments we have compete for contracts through competitive bidding. These types of contracts can be more exclusive or qualified and from there our role is to compete with others.


“At CREC I have made professional collaborations, but I have also made friendships”


What is ICE’s main type of client?


Normally they are international organizations such as: UNESCO, European Agencies, European Commission, German National Development Agency… They are organizations that are dedicated and focused on very interesting topics. In addition, we also work with NGOs such as Transparency International, which is an NGO that fights corruption. Personally I think we work with very interesting projects and organizations.


Since you are one of the first coworkers that CREC had, and still has, how do you value your experience?


Right now I am collaborating with Oriol from Communicom to change the branding and logo of the company; and we have also been working with Ruth Fochs just on the issue of branding to give more visibility to the company. In the past I have had professional collaborations, but also friendships. For example with Ali, we have become friends outside of work; and with Nicola I also maintain a very good friendship. With Jordi Secas who worked here as a designer, and also with many other coworkers. I’ve been at CREC almost since its inception, since 2014, so I’ve had time to collaborate and strengthen ties with people in your community.


How do you value the connections that the CREC team has provided you with?


I value them more on a personal level than a professional one, because it makes CREC Coworking a nice place to work.

Roger Calavera
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