The 3rd Art Experience has been in person… At CREC Gràcia!

Talent, innovation, creativity… And live! For the first time, the CREC Coworking team welcomed the students participating in the Art Experience live. We did it last March 21 in the flex zone of the brand new CREC Gràcia. And the experience could not have been more positive.

As you may remember from the 2 previous editions, Art Experience is an activity organized jointly with ENSEAPD (Plastic Arts and Design Area of the Special Education Service of the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya). A contest that allows us to test the ingenuity of the students in overcoming the challenge posed. Do you want to guess what they had to do?

Art Experience 2023 a CREC Gràcia

New space, new challenge: Changing the paradigm of the CREC Gràcia warehouse

Students and teachers attended early to CREC Gràcia, our new coworking located next to Joanic square. Some of them had participated in the previous on-line editions due to the pandemic. Others were getting in touch with the coworking world for the first time. But everyone shared the same motivation: The desire to dedicate the day to make a groundbreaking proposal.

The guest of the day was our CEO, Roman Calavera, who made an introduction to the students about our services and values. Once the presentation was done, and accompanied by the Community Builders Carles López and Marc Parals, he gave way to this year’s challenge: To design a new proposal for the CREC Gràcia warehouse.

Art Experience 2023 a CREC Gràcia

The face-to-face presence favored the cohesion of the groups and the differentiation of techniques to carry out the project. While one group used post-its to come up with ideas, others used AutoCAD to organize the plans or audio recordings to accompany a video piece. It also improved contact between participants, whether they were concentrating on the task at hand or sharing the breakfast that the organization provided.

4 projects and a common idea: making the most of space

The 4 participating groups came up with very different project proposals, but characterized by a common feature: making the most of the warehouse. Although they agreed on the projection of the space as an ideal location for sound recording, each group gave a different approach: From sound gardens to studios for streamers to artists’ workshops.

Art Experience 2023 a CREC Gràcia

Despite the difficulty for the CREC Coworking team to decide a winner, the winning proposal was that of Group 4 – CREC Creative. Their division of the space between craft workshop, audio studio and relaxation area, together with the originality of their design, convinced the jury. Its members are Joana, Zainab, Natalia, Laia, Violeta, Julia and Carol and they can activate their free stay in the coworking whenever they want!

Art Experience 2023 a CREC Gràcia

Roman Calavera and the whole CREC Coworking team are already looking forward to the next edition of the Art Experience! What will be the next challenge for the young participants? We accept ideas from our coworkers 😉

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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