The growth of coworking spaces

Nowadays, it is normal that during a conversation with someone we know we hear the word coworking, but: Do we really know what it is, what characteristics and advantages it provides to companies and workers? In this article, the first of 2023, we will explain when coworking arose, why it is so successful, and what advantages coworkers who work in this type of space have.

Coworkers Eixample

The first recognized coworking space dates back to 2005 in the city of San Francisco, and was started by programmer Brad Neuberg. Initially, the space offered 5 to 8 desks, but only two days a week. This coworking space had a wireless network so that its users could connect to the Internet while in the office, but the computers that were installed were shared. The following year, in 2006, this space closed to become Hat Factory, a new coworking space that would have a great impact and become a well-known space in the coworking environment. It was then that more coworking spaces started to open with a similar vision.

To begin with, what is a coworking space? A coworking is a workspace that offers its workers the possibility to share ideas and projects. It is important to keep in mind that at CREC Coworking we enhance your network of contacts through our star service, CREC Connect. The Community Builders team gets to know your project, studies the different professional profiles that may be interesting for you and makes a formal presentation so that each coworker can expand their network of contacts through networking.

And why is it so important that connections of this type can be made? Because it allows the sharing of ideas, values and therefore, create links from which beneficial projects can arise for our coworkers. And not only that, but it also allows to create a network of contacts that may be necessary for the continued development of their companies. Of course, these contacts are enriching both on a work and personal level. That is why these connections that we try to carry out from CREC Coworking have so much value, because we believe that they can bring growth and development in every way to our colleagues.

Coworkers Sabadell

We have already told you about one of CREC’s outstanding features, but now we are going to give you other reasons why coworking spaces have become so fashionable and are the favorite place to work for many companies and freelancers nowadays. So much so, that in Spain we have around 1,500 spaces according to Coworking Spain, which puts us in third place in the world ranking, only behind the United States and Germany. It is worth noting the exponential growth of coworking spaces, since in 2010 there were only 50 in our country. Currently, Barcelona is still the province with the largest number of coworking spaces, followed by Madrid.

If you are still thinking about coming to work at CREC, we are going to give you other reasons why you should try it:

· You save time and money
· We adapt to your needs
· We have different types of rooms
· We are located in several locations

And if you have a pet and need to bring it with you, don’t worry! We are pet friendly.

Andrea Amarilla

I have studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at ESERP. I have worked in a communication agency and organized different events. I am an extroverted person, so it won't be difficult for you to understand me!

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