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The importance of a community builder: This is how Carmina Banchs lives it

We always explain that the philosophy of CREC is based on considering people as the most important value of our work. And the community builder that perfectly exemplifies those values is Carmina Banchs. She is always prepared to listen to all of the coworkers and advise them in the best way possible, it has become essential after more than a year with us. If one week is missing, the whole world asks for her. It’s because of that that entering the CREC team she has earned the affectionate nickname of community builder “Teletubbie.”


Community Builder Carmina Banchs

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For me, the figure of a community builder represents a factor that the world ignores for their companies: “the human factor.


Passionate about worlds as different as art and airplanes, Carmina has always had a weakness for relationships between people. “For me, the figure of a community builder represents a factor that the world ignores for their companies: the human factor.” Because our job highlights that “it is a very social profession. I have the opportunity to create a world of new professional relationships and, in many cases, friendship.”

Although we all share this vocation to always serve people and create new synergies, each community builder is distinguished by something in particular. Carles López, for example, highlights your ability to try to find solutions to everything, even if it is not in your hands. Carmina, for her part, affirms the following: “I am Teletubbie for a reason! I cannot avoid empathizing with all the coworkers. I am always interested in their stories, and it is easy to create a bond of trust with me.”


Community Builder Carmina Banchs 2


“We are always here for all functions. The coworkers have to forget the management of space and focus on their projects.”


Because we believe a coworker expects her to receive help whenever necessary: “We always say that we are here to make it work. Coworkers have to forget about space management and focus on their projects. In addition, we are very excited when one of them comes and asks me a minute to tell me what you need or chat a little. I think that means we are creating an appropriate atmosphere of professionalism but also proximity that makes them have the freedom and confidence to count on us.

A connection created by Carmina which she specially remembers is the one between The Left Bit team and Pablo Gomez, Director of Waltex. In a critical situation, Pablo’s computer got collapsed with all his information in it. Carmina, in confidence with him, talked with Enrique Álvarez trying to find a fast solution. Then, The Left Bit helped Pablo rescuing a lot of information from his hard drive. “Of this connection, I will remember the relationship between them: They did it for free and Pablo, as a sign of gratitude, create a new brand for them, and a beautiful handmade box to store their beers”, highlights our community builder.

For Carmina, there is another factor that helps create an even more favorable work environment: our pet friendly environment. “I think we have to normalize the presence of animals in the workplace. Whenever there has been a dog in CREC, we have had a great time with him and he is not bothered by the rest of the coworkers. That’s why we always say the same thing: If your furry partner is trained, they are welcomed in CREC!“. Tormenta, the dog of the ex-co-workers Candela Grizutti and Adrián Santelices, is one of her favourites: “It was like a small cotton with legs…I will never forget!


Community Builder Carmina Banchs 3


“Some ex coworkers told me that CREC was a part of their little story, and these details fill you up as a person.”


“Precisely, one of the teams that won the affection of the CREC community builders did it, in part, by the truffle company, the Tic Taste puppy. Carmina remembers his visit here with great appreciation: “They only entered a few months to finish the inauguration of their restaurant. Then we had a great connection, and when they opened, they invited me. We were very excited to see you and enjoy a spectacular healthy meal. In a moment of nostalgia, they told me that CREC was part of the small story of their business, and I find that very nice. These are details that fill you up as a person.”

Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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