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The new brand image of CREC

For some time now we haven’t seen ourselves reflected in the brand image we created more than 3 years ago, which has remained the same since then while we have been constantly evolving. The challenge of opening our second coworking in Barcelona, CREC Eixample, became the perfect opportunity to create a new brand image with which to feel identified and proud.

This is our new image



Our new black and white logo with a more rounded found.




Business cards.  





Welcome-pack-caja-nueva-imagen-de-marca-CREC-coworking-barcelonaWelcome pack: Personalized cardboard box.


Welcome pack: Tote bag, notepad, pencil, sticker and welcome postcard.



 Welcome pack: Notepad, pencil, sticker and cardboard box. 


This project would not have been possible without Saül’s collaboration.

We were faced with a challenge that we had no idea how to solve and, once again, we looked for the solution at home within our coworkers.  We worked with SaülRosell, coworker at CREC Poble Sec, for more than a year.  It was Saül’s suggestion to change the branding colour to black, we would have not thought about it.

Saül is an art director and founder of Damn Good Graphics, a creative, fresh and very good feeling design studio. His attitude facing challenges – fearless and even a bit blatant – his creativity and his own point of view on what CREC is and means, made him the perfect candidate for this project.


Home of the web


We knew it was the right move to ask Saül for help. Other coworkers had already worked with him accomplishing a much needed twist to their corporate image, and they all had been very happy. So together with him we started the journey that has brought us here today.

As a result of that collaboration, we managed to produce a new black and white logo, that unites the essence of CREC, and two other personalized logos: A blue one, which reflects colour on the wall at CREC Poble Sec; and an orange one, a new identity for CREC Eixample.

We have also used a new unique typography rounded-like, and a new and more centered logo, which affirms with forcefulness our texts.


 Images, our coworkers. Photo of Zuriñe Ruiz taken by Nicola Mesken, both coworkers fromCREC Poble Sec.


Or when appropriate, our team. Who else better to welcome you?


 Welcome pack: Welcome postcard.

How we renewed our brand image, step by step

At first, it seemed easy; it was just a matter of retouching the logo. We didn’t want a radical change, neither starting all over again from scratch. We just wanted to add to our image the experience of these 4 years and the freshness with which the project continues to grow today.

But it turned up being a far from easy job. If you want to get a brand image in which you feel totally reflected, you have to start from the very bottom, where the root is, then go to work and chew all the factors involved in the essence of your brand. Basically our step by step was this.


  • The first thing is to sit back and think. Starts with an internal work: analyze the evolution, objectives and strategy of your project; And continues with the outside: comments, opinions and all kinds of feed backs from our coworkers and users. The challenge is to unite the “who you are” and the “who you want to be” and achieve that perfect consistency.
  • Chew on all the information and define your values well. What do you want to express in your logo?
  • If you already have an identity and there is something that fails or does not fit, identify it, so you can have a clear objective to solve.
  • Make the shopping list. Review all documents, platforms, social networks … wherever you want your brand to be transmitted. Define your real needs. What materials do you normally use? What are you going to need?
  • From this point open your mind, don’t let prejudices to influence you and trust who can help you to reconnect with your brand image.

You may feel a bit of vertigo at first, but then it’s a nice kick of fresh air.

Did you like it?

We hope that you like the result as much as we do. Whether you like it or not, we invite you to write in the comments your opinion about our new brand image. So then when we change it all over again in about 4 years, you can be part of the process.





– Comunication Artist –

Who is talking here, on Twitter, Facebook or in the newsletter. She gives voice to CREC, because someone had to tell the world.

Elisenda Mercade
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