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The Podcast at your Fingertips

I don’t know about you, but I am attached to my mobile phone. The fact of being freelance, autonomous or an entrepreneur- however you want to call it- makes my first office fit in the palm of my hand. Over there I have a calendar, social networks and mail, that allow me to manage my day by day. The truth is that it also uses the smartphone for inspiring me, distracting me and train me by YouTube or Spotify, for example. But I have to confess to you that, since I have a lot of time, there is an app that occupies an outstanding place in my phone: the podcast.

This format has become an authentic revolution. In the last year, there has been a spectacular boom in our home and now, most of us, have our own podcast. And it is a very interesting little tool, whether you have a company or if you are self-employed. It can let you know and position yourself as a specialist in your sector, since we can become our own means of communication.


Podcast Vanesa Carrasquilla


What is a podcast?


There is no other thing that is the modernization of radio programs in my whole life, but it adapts to the necessities of XXI century. The format of the audio is 100% digital that it’s usually stored on podcast-only pages (iTunes, Spotify, iVoox…) when there is an infinite variety of proposals and themes. The main difference with the radio program in my whole life is that you do not need to work in media communication to have your own. You only need a desire and a little technical skill to know how to edit it.


Why does it succeed right now?


Because it does not force us to be in front of a computer, something that does happen on a blog or YouTube, for example. The podcast is the more comfortable format that exists right now since you only need a smartphone or tablet and some headphones to start listening to it. Also, it allows you to do other things while you listen as you can put on the way to coworking, when you are doing some mechanical task that does not require your attention or while preparing food, for example.


“If you want to have your own podcast, you only have a smartphone, the platform where you will host it and a lot of motivation”


The thematic specialization is another key to success. And there is a podcast for everything you can imagine, and more: novelty, marketing, emotional intelligence, communication, entrepreneurship, personal growth, makeup, astrology, tarot, music, series…The podcast universe is infinite!


You can also have your podcast


Having your own podcast is much easier than you imagine. You only need a mobile phone with a voice recorder– iPhone, for example, has an voice notes app that you can do- eager to share your knowledge and a few technical notions since, possibly, you will need to edit the audio after the recording and upload it to the broadcast platform where you will host it. This is for me my basic kit for getting started in the world of podcast. As you go professionalizing, you´ll buy a microphone or you can start editing with programs like Audacity. If you want, you can even play music.


“My recommendation: Focus the topic well. The more specialized it is, the better”


But apart from all of this, the most important requirement is desire. You have to want and have no shame to stand in front of the phone and start sharing all the knowledge you have. Also, the format can give you many joys if you play your cards right and continue that valuable input of truth in your community. My recommendation is that you focus the topic well, because the more specialized it is, the better. Also that you decide how often you want to publish a new episode. From here, make yourself a podcast calendar and start recording and publishing. I’m convinced you have a lot to explain. You dare?

In fact, before I finish this post I invite you to hear “Tú también tienes una historia que contar”, my podcast where I share tips and tricks about communication so that you stop suffering and go enjoy it. I hope you like it!

Marc Parals

Marc Parals

He transmits calm and maintains order in CREC Eixample. If you need moral support or a little help, you just have to ask for it.

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