This was “CREC Talks: Sustainability and business”

Last Wednesday, September 30th, the second edition of CREC Talks took place. This is a debate space in which 3 coworkers meet with a Community Builder to talk about a specific topic.

After the success of the first edition, in which we discussed on women’s leadership in business (click here to watch it), we decided to talk about sustainability in entrepreneurship and new ways of consumption with three coworkers from different sectors and backgrounds.

CREC Talks: Sostenibilidad y empresa

This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with Rocio Alcocer, CEO of TAPP Water, Jovita Ponce, specialist and trainer in natural and organic cosmetics, José Antonio Martínez, partner and financial director of Bracap Global Tours. The three sectors (domestic water consumption, cosmetics and tourism) are seeing how the consumption habits of their public have changed in a short time and environmental, social and economic sustainability is increasingly important for consumers and companies.

The three coworkers briefly presented their projects and, in a debate moderated by Gerard Hernández, Community Builder at CREC Eixample, shared ideas and impressions on the current situation of sustainability in their businesses and on the dynamics that the post-COVID situation has accelerated.



Rocío Alcocer: “Our customers see how they achieve a great impact in the environment thanks to a a small change in their day-to-day life”


One of the points on which Rocio, Jovita and José Antonio agreed was the lack of collective awareness to achieve a more sustainable economic model. They also agreed that at an individual level concern for the environment has grown. Likewise, during the meeting they referred on several occasions that sustainability should no longer be understood from an environmental point of view, but also on a social and economic level.

TAPP Water is a project that brings together these three areas of sustainability. It is a startup founded in Barcelona that produces and markets tap water filters made from coconut shell. These filters improve the quality and taste of tap water and provide great financial and plastic savings for families.

At the beginning, TAPP Water focused its marketing strategy on reducing the environmental impact of its products. However, they did not get the expected results. “We found out that many people associate sustainable with expensive. The impulse of purchase of our clients is given mainly by the convenience of not carrying bottles or carafes and by the economic savings. Once they have bought the filter, we inform them of the environmental impact they are having and it makes them aware of what they achieve with a small change in their day-to-day life”, Rocío says.


José Antonio Martínez: “Right now there is a perception of sustainability much more individual than collective”


After this intervention, Gerard suggested that in terms of sustainability, communicating data such as the ecological footprint or the energy savings achieved with their purchase to customers can be key to creating a community of aware consumers. In fact, that’s what TAPP Water does through its app. “On a day-to-day basis, we normally don’t stop to think about the impact of our decisions, but when you visualize the results in a long time, a greater impact is generated.”.

The last section of the CREC Talk was dedicated to the role of public institutions in sustainable development. Once again, the three coworkers agreed that the Administration has an essential role to encourage responsible consumption and business models that are committed to sustainable products and services.


Jovita Ponce: “We should reward companies that are committed to sustainable products and services”


We love that our community members collaborate and share views on diverse topics, so CREC Talks is here to stay!

Here you can see the full session of “CREC Talk: Sustainability and entrepreneurship“:


Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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