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This was “CREC Talks: Transformación Digital”

Last Monday, November 9, the second edition of CREC Talks took place, a debate space in which three coworkers meet with a Community Builder to talk about a specific topic.

After the good experience of the first two editions, in which we discussed female leadership in the business world and business and sustainability, we decided to tackle the digital transformation with three coworkers from different sectors.

On this occasion, we had the pleasure of chatting with Arnau Navarro, Haddock Co-Founder, Raquel Bernad, Head of Product at Kubbo, and Carles Garcia, founder of Transformación Digital para Empresas. The three sectors (catering, urban logistics and digitization of companies) have experienced a great upheaval during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three coworkers briefly presented their projects and, in a debate moderated by Gerard Hernández, Community Builder of CREC Eixample, shared ideas and impressions on the current situation in their businesses and on the dynamics that the post-Covid situation has accelerated in their sectors.


Carles Garcia: “The best moment to change something is when it works well”


One of the points on which Arnau, Raquel and Carles agreed was the need for an open mind when carrying out digital transformation processes. They also agreed that there has been a substantial change as a result of the pandemic and that digitization processes have been speeded up in their sectors. Likewise, during the meeting they referred on several occasions to the importance of user experience when implementing new technology in business.



Carles Garcia, a consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector, emphasized the need to anticipate changes and not wait for things to go wrong to apply changes. Referring to the current situation, he commented that “those organizations that had already advanced in the digital transformation are in a position of comfort”. Instead, he said, those who had not made changes “are in an emergency situation.”

This situation, according to Raquel and Arnau, has been clearly seen in the ecommerce and restaurant sectors. According to data from the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), e-commerce grew in Spain by 70% until April. In this boom, many companies have found the need to invest in ecommerce and digitalize processes expressly. In catering, a fairly traditional sector, businesses have had to adapt to situations of closure, limited capacity and new sales channels. According to Arnau, “in 6 months we have advanced 2 years” in terms of digitization in restaurants. “Before the pandemic, many restaurants did not want to know anything about platforms and software because business was already doing well,” he says. “However, now we find ourselves with a much more open mind and a greater predisposition“, he adds.


Raquel Bernad: “The key to make a client invest in digital transformation is showing how much you will make his/her life easier”


The CREC Talks also involve the public, who can post comments and questions in the Skype chat. The first question from a coworker in this edition was what difficulties exist when explaining (and selling) the return on investment of the services of Kubbo, Haddock and Digital Transformation for Companies.

Arnau, co-founder of Haddock, spoke of the importance of validating a product before selling it. In the case of his software, due to its innovative nature, he said that “there are people who do not know they have a specific problem and you have to make them see it.” In this line, Raquel, Head of Product at Kubbo, focused on making life easier for the customer / user, optimizing their time, investment and effort.



To close the session, Gerard, moderator and Community Builder of CREC Coworking, asked the speakers how they see the future of digital transformation in their sectors and society in general in the medium term.


Arnau Navarro: “The basics of digital transformation need to be built very well”


All three agreed that, while there has been great hype in recent months, it is important that digital transformation, at all levels, be carried out with common sense and that it benefits everyone. As Arnau Navarro highlighted, “it is vital to think and make long-term plans”.



We love that our community members collaborate and share views on diverse topics, so CREC Talks is here to stay!

You can see the full “CREC Talks: Digital Transformation” below:


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Marc Parals

Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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