Waltex + Bracap: Branding and graphic design for a sustainable tourism

Updated on February, 27th 2020

Sometimes, come to a coworking space it’s not the first option. Our customs make us think that the closed offices are the best place for companies. That’s what Pablo Gómez, director of Waltex, and Joaquim Capdevila, director of Bracap Global Tours, thaught when they started in CREC. Both came here to spend a couple of months while they were searching a new office. But they didn’t imagined that, thanks to our connections, they would found in coworking the best working system possible.

This is one of the more than 780 connections that, up until now, have been created from CREC Connect since 2018 (in our website, you can see the map with all the connections between coworkers). Pablo and Joaquim explain to us what has meant for them to work in the same project and how they have discovered all the advantages of coworking.


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Why do you decided from Bracap Global Tours to bring a new direction to the company?


Joaquim: Right now, we are living an important situation of change. We want to redirect the company to an sustainable way. We bet for show our social values. Our objective is to drive actions with a positive impact in the society and the environment where we live. Here is where Pablo fits very well. Waltex help us to work the image and the message that we want to share. And i’m very sure that he will be helping us for a long time.


For Waltex, what does it mean this connection with Joaquim?


Pablo: Waltex, from the beggining -and me professionally and personally-, is a communication enterprise which has usually worked with consumer companies. They are business that try to create a message, launch a campaign and obtain benefits. That’s so common, obviously. But we have also worked with NGOs which have an humanitary sense, a different social conception… And when Quim told me about Bracap, I thaught: “I love this project, it’s so interesting and I would like to work with him trying to create an strategy, define the concept and the messages…”. For me, the project resulted so interesting that I decided to keep the relationship with Quim.



We love the involvement of many coworkers in our project”


Have coworkers taken part in Bracap redesign?


J: Yes! And that’s a great new for us. In the redesign of Bracap Global Tours, are taking part: in the one hand, Gemma Pinyol, cooperation consultant in development and gender equality. With her, we are designing a corporate social responsability plan of our company in the european ambit to ensure that our economical activities in tourism provide social return to the communities and favor a sustainable development; on the other hand, we work with Isidre Turull, of Quartz Barcelona, who is such a huge help in the comercial ambit. In fact, part of our connection with Pablo starts because Isidre told me: “Listen, you need something physical to show what are you doing in your company”. For all of that, we love to have the collaboration of different coworkers.

P: Now that you mention him, Isidre is one of the biggest connections we have made in CREC. We are working in his new corporate image and also, thanks to his help, I achieved a very important client for me. I tried to show all my speciality in branding and marketing, and then he worked with all his great potential in the commercial area. We have a meeting together with the client, and Isidre made an amazing impact in him. From that experience, I learnt that when I have to attract new customers, I have to satisfy some commercial needs according to Isidre.



“I came to CREC for a couple of months, but when I saw all the advantages, I left the research of a private office”


Did you expected to create all this connections when you came to CREC for the first time?


J: Absolutely not. I got in for a couple of months. We came from a private office and we needed a space while we were searching for an other. But when I saw all the advantages of being a coworker in CREC, I decided to stop the research. In the open space we feel very comfortable and we love to show to our customers that we work in a coworking. Also, we know that every need has a sollution. It is as easy as say: “Listen, Pablo, I need some help” and you know that you will always be supported.

P: My situation was very similar. When I came here, I had left a private office in Gràcia and I saved all my objects and furnitures in a store. I remember that I told to the person who managed the space: “In a couple of months I will be back to collect them because I would have my new office”. So yes, my first idea was to spend few time in CREC. After 2 months, I returned to the store to collect my belongings and sold them in Wallapop. I had lost my intention to left CREC.


What is the best of your relationships with the rest of the coworkers?


J: For me, the most important thing is that the connections not only work in a professional way. It is also important the friendship part. Sometimes you are having a horrible day and, unexpectedly, emerges the option of drink something with another coworker who is in the same situation that me. You can laugh, explain your worries… And the best point: you can understand the situation of your partner. That’s a thing that I appreciate a lot and it is thanks to the synergies that we build.

P: I would highlight how important is to lose your shame when you start in a coworking. Cristina, my partner, was working very comfortable in the office where we were before. She is such a sociable person, but she is also shy. In the first 2 or 3 vermouths in CREC, she didn’t stand up from her chair and kept working… But now, she enjoys a lot and loves this working system. I also have to say that Quim has a very nice team and helps to create a fellowship environment which I wouldn’t change for nothing.



“Community builders are always there when you need them, always ready to help”


How would you value your CREC Connect experience?


J: I think that our professional relationships are absolutely great and we work so comfortable in this environment. That’s between coworkers, but also with community builders, who are essentials in the space. And the best is that this feeling will keep raising. Coworking role is to create collaborations, see what options can you follow and try to share all your knowledge with as many coworkers as it is possible. I only would leave CREC if they rise the price! -jokes.

P: Now that Quim talks about the figure of the community builders, is really nice that they are always there when you need them. In front of every need, question, setback that we suffer… They are always ready to help and became indispensables for have a nice experience. For that, I think that the community builders are essentials to understand the good operation of the space and also CREC Connect. Imagine how satisfied I feel that if you raise my tax, I would also stay!

Marc Parals


Journalist and passionate for communication, he share the connections of our coworkers and the job of community builders.

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