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We are going to the European Coworking Conference 2017

At the beginning of November we’ll be flying from Barcelona to Dublin to attend the European Coworking Conference. The first European Coworking Conference took place some time ago, in 2011. Now in its 7th meeting you’ll get the chance to meet coworking managers from around the world as this has become the most international of allcoworking conferences. During the 3 days of the conference, projects from Brussels to Bangalore and from London to Gran Canaria will be shown, to share the uniqueness of all the different coworking spaces in each region.

For this year’s conference, Roman Calavera (CEO), CarlesLópez (Director) and I, being responsible for strategy,will be traveling to Dublin.


From coworker to coworker

The European Coworking Conference inspires you, gives you the chance to meet firsthand the people behind projects you already knew through internet, through other managers comments or even from the coworkers themselves. This personal contact facilitates a knowledge exchange for the day to day solutions that may never appear in articles as they may sound trivial, but can make a difference in the performance of a coworkingspace.

Business, trending and impact

The programme, according to the conference website, has been planned to address all the topics related to coworking from three different perspectives: business, trending and impact. Looking at the schedule in detail we can see that it will be following the logical progression that started at the Lisbon conference in 2014, towards a coworking with a closer approach to “real state”: Coworking on the way to become an industry as big and diverse as the hotel industry? Or How to mix corporations, small business and freelancers in the same coworking space?

A mention about rural coworking

Nevertheless they don’t put aside some of the European coworkingconference classic topics such as rural coworking, coliving or how coworking affects its immediate environment with talks such as: Ludgate Hub: federate forces around a rural coworking project and bring jobs back in the countryside. Ludgate Hub, Coworking and co-living – A magnet for “long stay” tourism. OrMake coworking part of an integrated multidimensional urban development Project”

In this edition we hope to see the theme following a progression more focused towards sector immobilisation rather than to the sector’s community origins. On the other hand, like someone with good conference knowledge summed up a couple of editions ago; “The European Coworking Conference is a wonderful place to get inspired, get some ideas and concepts”.



Elisenda Mercade
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