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What is entrepreneurship? – Anabel Valero

Surely if we ask each and every one of us: “What is entrepreneurship for you?” Our answers would be different. And that is beyond what is exposed in the Royal Spanish Academy, entrepreneurship is much more than “start doing a certain thing that requires effort or work.” I have always thought of entrepreneurship as a lifestyle to which we adhere certain people with concerns, fears and eagerness to overcome and contribute something good to society.

I consider myself an entrepreneur forever, although less than a year ago I started to make it a reality in the workplace. At that time, I launched a project in which, in addition to sharing art, I communicate (or so I try) values ​​such as respect for people and the environment, self-esteem and solidarity. I do all this by promoting a small brand of hand-painted clothes: Ana.HandmadeShop.


¿Qué es emprender? - Anabel Valero


“Entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life and also, a vital process in which error and learning are guaranteed”


But what I was going to … Undertake, if not more, is an attitude towards life and also a vital process in which error and learning are assured. And, creating “something” from scratch is never easy and involves exposing your insecurities and limiting beliefs, of which you were not even aware, to work and deal with them. And this is a source of personal growth and bestial self-knowledge.

Perhaps because I am a junior entrepreneur (and I still have a lot to learn), or a motivated one of life, I think you have to understand the path of entrepreneurship always from a positive and super constructive perspective. The motives? I can think of some:

  1. You know yourself: You start an adventure and give a lot of attention to your self-knowledge process. Whether you like it or not, undertaking involves knowing you. This is so. And it is that you realize who you are, what your fundamental values ​​are, how you do things, how you receive criticism, how you live errors and unexpected changes. And obviously also how you are reaping your fruits.
  2. You give yourself courage: It is very tied to the former, but it is very important to emphasize it. I think that if you really take something in this process, you learn to give value to yourself and your work. And this is totally necessary for the success of your project, but especially for your happiness.
  3. You adapt changes: Along the way you encounter many unexpected challenges that test your willpower and your resistance to change. You learn to plan without obsessing yourself and, you understand that change is part of life and, therefore, of your project.
  4. You empower yourself: The beginnings are difficult, we will not deny it, and many times longer than you thought. But here is the grace. When you fulfill your purposes or even with successes that you had not even planned, you realize how great you are and everything you can do. They are certainly doses of self-esteem!


¿Qué es emprender? - Anabel Valero


“Aprender conlleva conocerte. Esto es así. Y es que te das cuenta de quién eres, cuáles son tus valores fundamentales, cómo haces las cosas…”


I could give many more reasons to undertake, but it really is something that you have to feel like and motivate. It’s like starting a relationship, starting to study a career or moving to another place. It is something else in life, that more than happen, you create and decide yourself.

In my case, although really my project was born very little (and, things as they are, I take it easy) I think that the learning I am doing is much greater than what I had initially thought. Because beyond painting and launching my talent, to start is to run a company, with each and every one of its departments: from production to customer service and marketing of each product. But there it is. All this is what makes it possible to undertake such an exciting process. You dare?

Anabel Valero

Formed in social education and living art as a passion and a job. I'm an artist entrepreneur with an expertise in textile and mural art. And obviously, as you should already know, I'm Community Builder in CREC Sabadell. I'm multipurpose, organized, creative and addicted to learning.

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