Working: From home or from CREC Coworking?

Are you too lazy to work from home, but you don’t know which space best suits your needs and the development of your professional activity? Today we explain why the best option is to make CREC Coworking your new working space.

Coworkers a CREC Eixample

To begin with, how many times have you felt that your productivity decreases considerably when working from home? It is true that it may be the most comfortable when you consider it for the first time, but when you have been teleworking from your living room for a while, you realize that the amount of stimuli you receive makes you lose concentration while you are working.

Having a space for each moment of the day, so that the mind can associate each place with the tasks we usually perform is a psychological shortcut that helps us to be more efficient in our daily tasks. Therefore, it is better to have a workspace dedicated exclusively to that and that is not the same one in which we carry out our household chores.

In addition, as you have been able to read in other articles of our blog, another of the great advantages of being part of the CREC Coworking community is the possibility of creating connections with other professionals. Whether they are companies or freelancers, on a day-to-day basis you can create links and synergies that give rise to projects and even relationships beyond the workplace. But in case they do not arise organically, we have our star service, CREC Connect, in which coworkers explain their project and Community Builders look for the most interesting connections for them, leading to new collaborations. And you can also meet freelancers and companies at our vermouths and afterworks, which are organized on a monthly basis and aim to disconnect for a couple of hours from work and get to know the people who work near you a little more.

Coworkers a CREC Gràcia

It is a good idea to start working in a coworking for all the reasons we have already mentioned, and also because it is a very important economic and energy saving for workers. The reason why it is an economic saving is because when companies start working in a coworking, they can find the fixed rate that suits their needs, and do not have to be aware of the variable cost of electricity, water or different supplies that are in a particular workspace, in addition to the rent of the space. And not only that affects the budget of a company, but it can also be a major expense to furnish a space in order to prepare it to create a conducive working environment.

And although these are important reasons why we always advise and prefer to work from a coworking, the one we like the most is undoubtedly to be able to share space with our coworkers, as they can provide information on developments in each sector, different points of view and opinions on current affairs. Who does not like a little chat over coffee?

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I have studied Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at ESERP. I have worked in a communication agency and organized different events. I am an extroverted person, so it won't be difficult for you to understand me!

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