Why attending Entrepreneur Day is a good idea?

Connect with entrepreneurs, share experiences, learn about new trends and opportunities offered by the digital ecosystem and get inspired to launch your own project by the hand of industry experts is possible in the Entrepreneur Day 2023 organized by IEBS Digital School on May 4 in Madrid.

Equipo en CREC Eixample

Today, entrepreneurship or creating something new generates a lot of uncertainty in people, as it can be difficult to bet everything on one card. In addition, it not only depends on oneself, but many other financial, technological, commercial aspects must be taken into account… IEBS Digital School organizes the Entrepreneur Day for those who are still hesitating, to decide to launch into the adventure of entrepreneurship.

The event will allow entrepreneurs to listen, learn and understand everything that the speakers have to tell them. On May 4, in CoStudio Madrid Prosegur, will take place this day that aims to unlock insecurities, expand knowledge and generate business opportunities for potential new entrepreneurs.

IEBS Digital School has thought of everything, and in addition to being able to attend the event and learn from experts, startups who want to, can participate in a Pitch Competition, where they will have the opportunity to demonstrate through different strategies, what business model, with what main indicators and what are the economic forecasts necessary when creating a startup that can consolidate in the market today and become a profitable company. The objective of this startup competition is for the contestants to gain visibility, recognition and free training for them and their team, in addition to the possibility of winning important scholarships for the IEBS Master of Entrepreneurship.

IEBS Digital School - Entrepreneur Day 2023

Startups need constant support, as they are newly created companies and are always looking for momentum. For CREC Coworking, these types of companies are very important, as they are companies that at first may not have all the necessary resources to gain the recognition they deserve. At CREC Coworking, we always try to offer maximum flexibility and quality to our coworkers, and for this reason, some startups like  Haddock, TAPP Water and Coffeecard have managed to grow with us. This type of business is in constant change and development, so the advantages offered by CREC are perfect for this type of companies. You have to take into account the flexible hours, the different spaces and rooms to which you have access, and above all the cost reduction that means for companies that have just started to launch their business.

As coworking, we are committed to this type of events, as they support and encourage the growth and development of startups in a very new digital ecosystem full of opportunities worldwide. That is why we encourage all companies that are part (or have been part) of our community to participate.

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And you, are you going to miss it?

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